EPISODE 629: Carl Dubois Takes us bream fishing on his home waters! Check out our archives for more information on Botany Bay Fishing Spots!

Carl’s Tips For Botany Bay Bream Fishing

  • Tournament kayak fishing has been extremely beneficial to Carl’s fishing journey. Aside from having made most of his best friends in the tournament fishing scene, the information sharing across tournament networks is phenomenal. Plus he’s fished a lot of places he otherwise wouldn’t have, including in overseas competitions.
  • Be prepared to adjust your approach once you get onto Botany Bay. Things constantly change and the fish may not be doing what they were yesterday. Experience helps when deciding whether to continue with your plan of change strategies.
  • Carl has found that his interest in lure making has enabled him to better understand how lures work and has made him a better fisherman. In the ALF Plus episode he shares a bit about his lure making and lure painting journey.

Carl’s Tackle For Botany Bay Bream

  • In terms of lines, Carl uses Gosen 14lb casting braid and Gosen 10lb Hard Braid for all of his bream fishing, coupled with Gosen Bass Reloaded fluorocarbon leader in 3, 4, 6 an 10b sizes.
  • The Shimano Stradic CI4 has been Carl’s go-to lure for many years. He couples these with lots of different rods, including a Gladiator Psyborg graphite rods, a Daiwa Sol, and a very old Daiwa Advantage 3 piece rod!



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Carl’s Preferred Lures For Bream Fishing

  • Gladiator Lures Bait Breath SL Remix is a twin-tailed soft plastic that’s similar to a soft prawn imitation and is perfect over weedbeds when rigged weedless on a worm hook. Carl frequently uses a light 1/40 or 1/28 oz hidden weight in this lure. It’s also a great lure for fishing around boats and during the winter months around poles. Carl likes to fish this lure on 3lb straight through fluorocarbon line in weedbeds because of the low visibility of the fluorocarbon, plus it has a little extra give. Around boat hulls he uses a standard jig head from 1/2oth oz to 1/12 oz, depending on water depth. For this application he’ll use Gosen 14lb braided line with a 6lb Gosen Bass Reloaded fluorocarbon leader. Skip it beneath jetties and pontoons, tight against poles, let it sink to the bottom and then give it a flick up like a fleeing prawn. Work it all the way back with short, sharp flicks followed by 5-10 second pauses. Or simply slow roll it back.
  • The shallow diving version of the Gladiator Tackle Bingo mini-crankbait is a great option for over weedbeds, in mangroves and rolled over the oyster racks. The medium diver can also work well around the racks. This is a very light lure, so can be tricky if you’re fishing in strong wind. The hooks need upgrading to Owner #16’s before use.
  • The Gladiator Tackle Shiver Vibe can be a deadly bream lure. Cast it along rails, racks etc and fish it with a “hop, hop, pause” retrieve. This style of lure is snaggy, so the trick is to cast accurately and fish it over the small sandy spots. Slow rolling it over flats can be effective too.
  • The Gladiator Kozami 60mm is a small walk the dog style stickbait that casts like a bullet and is not only deadly on bream but also on bass and whiting in the orange and yellow colour.

Carl Dubois bream fishing bio

Carl Dubois

Kayak Bream Fishing Champion

Carl has been fishing in lure fishing in tournaments for around a decade and has a long track record of securing podium places from his kayak. He’s earned the right to represent Australia at the international level on more than one occasion. But when he’s not galivanting he’s based in Sydney and does plenty of bream fishing in Botany Bay and the Georges River System, both in competitions and socially.

Carl Dubois bream fishing facebook   Carl Dubois instagram @breamyakka   Carl Dubois Youtube Fishing Channel

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