Lure Fishing In Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams: Queensland’s Premier Bass Lakes 

Fishing in Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams, SE Queensland

For Brisbanites keen on Australian bass, an hours drive will have you fishing in Wivenhoe Dam.  Drive another 30 minutes and you’re in mega bass territory fishing in Somerset Dam. These two lake systems are not just any fishing destination; they are angler’s paradises, teeming with Australian bass and golden perch (yellowbelly), offering unique challenges and rewards through the seasons. This article is based on multiple interviews with gun anglers who fish these systems regularly and will inform you about where, when, and how to fish these storied waters.

Seasonal Strategies for Wivenhoe Bass And Yellowbelly

Understanding the seasonal dynamics of these lakes is crucial for any angler looking to make the most of their fishing trips. Here, we dive into the specific spots within each lake that are known to yield the best results throughout the year.

Spring: Awakening Waters

  • Fishing Wivenhoe Dam In Spring: As the water temperature begins to rise, Logan’s Inlet becomes a hotspot for bass, with the fish moving into shallower areas to feed aggressively. Targeting the edges of the weed beds with surface lures can be particularly productive, especially in the mornings and evenings. Earlier in spring the fish can still be on the deeper flats in 10-12m of water. Look for areas of flat or gently sloping bottom adjacent to the original creek beds.
  • Fishing Somerset Dam In Spring: The Spit and Queen Street are areas where golden perch start to become more active during spring. Using medium-diving crankbaits or lipless crankbaits can be effective in these transitioning zones. As with Wivenhoe, the fish move onto flats during the late winter and early spring and can be targeted using spoons, lipless crankbaits and soft vibes. Mitchell Petty has tons of great tips for bass fishing in Somerset Dam in Spring.

Summer: The Peak Season

  • Lake Wivenhoe: The area around Billies Bay heats up with activity, as bass seek deeper, cooler waters. Deep-diving lures and spoons are essential tools for reaching the fish during this time. Fork-tailed catfish can be a bit of a nuisance in this area during the summer. Land-based anglers can try fluttering spoons near the dam wall, as described by Liam Fitzpatrick in his interview
  • Lake Somerset: Pelican Point and the area near Kirkleigh become prime spots for targeting both bass and perch. Surface lures early in the morning or late in the evening can yield spectacular catches. Deep jigging with soft plastics, icejigs and soft vibes can be effective as can working spoons or small paddletail plastics. Keeghan Painter shared some great tips for fishing in Somerset Dam during spring back in podcast episode 550.


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Autumn: Pre-Winter Preparation

  • Autumn fishing at Wivenhoe Dam: The Northern Basin sees a concentration of fish as they prepare for winter, making it a prime location for anglers. Spoons, tailspinners and chatterbaits worked around flats in 20-25 feet can be very effective. Check out Niki Sticklens interview about bass fishing in Wivenhoe Dam for detailed information.
  • Autumn Fishing at Somerset Dam: Near the dam wall, as the water cools, bass and perch can often be found in deeper waters. Tail spinners and slow-rolled soft plastics can entice bites from the more lethargic fish. Catch Dean Silvester’s ALF Interview for more info.

Winter: The Quiet Challenge

  • Lake Wivenhoe: The White Cliffs area accessible from Logna’s inlet becomes a winter haven for bass, with fish moving to deeper, warmer layers. Follow the Brisbane River channel on your sounder and look for aggregations of fish on flats off to the sides of the channel. Light jigs, spoons and hard bodies presented slowly, can all produce good results.
  • Lake Somerset: The Kirkleigh and Queens Street areas are where anglers often find bass huddling in colder months. Finesse fishing with drop shots, blades or lightly weighted soft plastics on flats and timbered areas can be particularly rewarding. Winter is a prime time for hot bass fishing in Somerset Dam, and gun bass guru Jason Ehrlich wasn’t shy about sharing some tips during his ALF interview.


A stocked impoundment permits is required both for fishing in Wivenhoe Dam and in Somerset Dam.


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