Tonic Sunglasses Review: Clear Vison, Bold Style, Fish Spotting In Extreme Colour

by | Jan 11, 2024

In my opinion, Tonic Sunglasses are Australia’s best value polarised eyewear for fishing, hands down.

I’ve learned the hard way that long-term exposure of my eyes to intense glare and UV is no joke. The potential for permanent, irreversible eye damage is really high. But with Tonic Sunglasses my eyes are 100% protected.

Thanks to Tonic I’ve said goodbye to headaches, eyestrain and discomfort. And I’ve immersed myself in a world of intense colour – plus I’m easily spotting fish I would never have seen before.

Crystal-clear vision and brilliant clarity have never been more affordable because Tonic sunglasses deliver premium eyewear without the designer price tag.

What I’ll Cover In This Review Of Tonic Sunglasses:

Section 1: Why Quality Polarised Sunglasses Are A Key Piece Of My Lure Fishing Kit

Why Tonic Sunglasses Are Crucial To My Lure Fishing

For me, a quality pair of polarised sunglasses is definitely not just “nice to have”.

I value my eyesight and want to see surface strikes and spot feeding fish well into my nineties. So, good sunnies are essential fishing equipment, right up there with a quality rod and reel.

No doubt from the title of this article you’ve probably guessed already that Tonic Sunglasses are my brand of choice. There are plenty of reasons for that, as you’ll soon find out.

Yes, there are other good sunglass brands on the market. But I’m yet to find comparable quality, precision sunglasses in another brand that come close to the price or performance of Tonic Sunglasses. That’s not sales talk, it’s my personal experience.

So let’s quickly cover why I place so much importance on quality sunglasses, then I’ll break down why Tonics are the bees-knees.

Tonics eliminated my headaches and eyestrain

Australia’s harsh, intense sunlight is famous, which translates into blinding glare off the water. For many years I didn’t realise how much my fishing trips were being spoiled by squinting, headaches and eyestrain. I’ve always worn sunglasses when I’m fishing, but to be honest, the glasses I was wearing were very ordinary.

It took a near-collision with another boat to wake me up. Intense glare can cause temporary blindness, which is downright dangerous. Shielding my eyes with a baseball cap and a hand was no substitute for decent eyewear.

Even when I’m not boating I want to avoid that harmful glare. Driving to a fishing spot or rock hopping a slippery ledge are just a couple of scenarios where vision is hyper-critical. I’m sure you can think of plenty of other times when you really need clear vision.

I’ve found the advanced polarisation technology in Tonic Sunglasses quickly solved all of these problems. The glare reduction and enhanced visibility is remarkable. The natural beauty and richness of colour in my surroundings was a surprise bonus.


Tonic Sunglasses probably saved me from blindness later in life

As a younger man I was invincible and didn’t really consider the damage I was doing to myself. think much about eye health. I figured a cheap pair of service station sunnies was good enough for me. Years later I’m paying for the stupidity and wishing I’d seen quality sunglasses as an investment, not an expense.

Here’s what I know now:

Extended hours outdoors expose fishermen to dangerous levels of harmful UV rays for long periods of time. That’s a sure fire recipe for permanent eye damage. But I don’t plan to reduce my time on the water, so I needed a new strategy.

Sunnies that are anything less that 100% UVA and UVB blocking can be as damaging as not wearing any eye protection at all – sometimes even more so. 95%, 98% and even 99% UV blocking doesn’t cut it.

Tonic Sunglasses use premium UV blocking that removes 100% of UVA and UVB. They can’t undo the damage that’s already been done, but at least my eyes are protected from further damage. If you’re in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s especially, please heed this warning.


Tonic sunglasses have saved me trips and falls!

I’m reasonably sure-footed, but I’m no mountain goat. I’m often moving around on rocky shorelines, narrow goat tracks, cobbly creeks, mangrove forests, or moving boat decks. That requires good foot-eye coordination and once again, poor quality eyewear creates some problems.

Why? I found that optically inferior sunglasses make objects in my peripheral vision look like they’re somewhere they’re not. Distorted vision has made for some interesting footwork, the odd embarrassing spill and added to the headaches and eye strain.

I’ve found that this is really common in many sunglasses and can happen with any frame and lens style. But it’s especially an issue with the wrap-around styles that I personally favour. Wrap-arounds give better protection from wind, sand, sticks, salt splash and of course UV, but they can be terrible for distortion.

Something I really appreciate about Tonic Sunglasses is that the lenses are optically decentered. That’s a fancy term but it simply means you get distortion-free vision all around, not just straight ahead.

It wasn’t until I started wearing Tonics that I realised with my previous sunglasses I was often looking beneath the frames when travelling over rough ground. Decentered lenses mean I can walk around with confidence due to clear, undistorted vision.


I catch more fish because I can see more fish

If I’m honest, it was probably the ability to better spot fish that first drove me to invest in better quality fishing sunglasses. Then I realised all of the other health and safety benefits. I guess I didn’t know what I didn’t know!

At the end of the day, we’re sportfishers. So with our eye health taken care of it’s only natural we’d want to easily spot fish, snags, bait, structure and hazards below the surface. That’s game changing, and nothing I’ve ever worn does this better than Tonic sunglasses.

Combining the right colour, polarising and UV filters is as much a black art as it is a science. Tonic have made it an artform and the results are magical. Intense colours, clear, detailed vision and water penetrating capabilities make fishing in any conditions an absolute joy.

Spotting fish has never been easier, whether I’m on a trout stream, a coral flat, and estuary or off the edge of the shelf.

Of course, Tonic Sunglasses eliminate glare from wet roads, ice, snow and sand just as effectively. I find myself wearing them every time I’m outdoors. 

tonic sunglasses virtual assistant

Style Meets Comfort: The Ultimate Guide to Tonic Sunglasses Frame Selection

To state the obvious, there are two elements to choosing the right pair of fishing sunglasses. Getting the right frames and getting the right lenses.

Let’s deal with frames first and I’ll get into lenses in just a moment. You can have the best lenses on the planet but if the frames are uncomfortable to wear, you’re not going to wear them. At least, not for long.

My view (pun intended) is: If you are aware that you have sunglasses on your face then you’re wearing the wrong frames.

The best sunglasses are the ones that you forget you’re even wearing. They shouldn’t be uncomfortable, slip off, press in the wrong places or weigh on the bridge of your nose.

We all have a different face size and shape – that’s why Tonic Eyewear offer seventeen different frames. That can make it a little overwhelming to make the right choice….. which is why I created my Sunglasses Picker.

Anyway, I’ll walk you through what I reckon are the “3 F’s” of choosing sunglass frames: Fit, Function and Form.


Comfort First: A Guide to Ensuring the Right Fit with Tonic Sunglasses


If you’re like me, a “short” fishing trip is still a few hours (at least). More than likely I’ll be wearing my sunglasses from dawn until dusk, often multiple days in a row.

Ill-fitting, uncomfortable frames could ruin my fishing experience. So what do I look for when I’m fitting sunglasses?

how to fit tonic sunglasses for comfort

First, I like the frames to be the same width or a fraction wider than my face. This looks better, and helps with pupil placement for the best vision. It also keeps the arms from pressing on my temples.

Then there’s bridge width. Too big and the sunglasses slip off when I look down. Too small and they’ll end up very uncomfortable. I’ve found when the bridge width is right the glasses are comfortable and my pupils are about 1/3 down from the top of the lens.

Finally, there’s arm length. Ideally, the curved part of the arms should be comfortably behind the ears. Too long and they’ll get in the way of wearing a hat, too short and the glasses slip off.

With Tonic Sunglasses I’ve found that arm length and bridge height just naturally fall into place. That’s just good design – everything in proportion. So when the frame width and bridge width are right I’m good to go.

The other thing I reckon Tonic get right is the curve of the arms. For me, the pressure is evenly distributed. I don’t get sore spots on the temples or behind the ears, which means less headaches. They’re super comfortable and they don’t fall off when I turn my head or look down.

tonic sunglasses function

Beyond Comfort: Functional Features Of Tonic Eyewear


Tonic frames are made from a tough plastic called TR90 Grilamid. This stuff makes for a very durable frame for the following reasons:

  • It’s not easy to bend out of shape. I have a bad habit of slipping my Tonics into my pocket and crushing them. I’m sure it’s possible to break them, but so far I haven’t, unlike my prescription reading glasses.
  • They’re virtually corrosion-proof. My sunglasses are constantly exposed to corrosive salt spray and all they need is a rinse under a tap to keep them in top shape.
  • They’re lightweight and sturdy, they block out glare from the sides and they hold the lenses extremely securely.
  • Plastic lends itself better to the wrap-around style frames that I prefer. Plus, the molded nose pads are comfortable and can’t get bent or broken.
  • The soft, molded lines of a plastic frame are kind on the face and don’t dig in and cause discomfort.

Plastic frames do have their downside. For one thing, some of them react badly with sunscreen or insect repellent and most manufacturers (including Tonic) warn customers to avoid chemicals. I usually wear a headsock in preference to sunscreen, so I haven’t had an issue and I don’t know anyone who has, but be aware!


The case for wraparound frames

I’ve mentioned a few times that I really like a wraparound style with thick, flat arms. This style lets less light in from the sides and protects my eyes when I’m clambering through the jungle or if the wind gets up and there’s sand blowing around.

Wraparound sunglasses also deflect away a lot of salt spray when I’m boating in choppy conditions. Plus with Tonic sunglasses decentration technology they improve my peripheral vision for walking on uneven surfaces.

For my ugly head, Tonic Shimmer or Youranium Sunglasses fit the bill nicely. If you want to figure out the frames and lenses best suited to your needs you can use my Sunglasses Picker tool. Not only will it help you find a good fit, it will also give you a price-match guarantee on Tonic Sunglasses, if you decide to invest.


Frame Elegance: A Form Guide to Tonic Sunglasses


Tonic Sunglasses Flemington Ladies Frame With Copper Photochromic Lenses

Those who have been around for a few fishing seasons will remember a time when the term “polarised sunglasses for fishing” literally translated to “butt-ugly, brown/grey, never wear in public”.

Back then, most of us had a pair of sunglasses for fishing and a second pair for when we wanted to look presentable. Unfortunately for me, it takes a lot more than a cool pair of sunglasses to make my “not fit for TV” noggin.

Thankfully, these days it’s possible to own eyewear that’s both stylish and perfect for a day on the water. That’s a good thing for all of those wannabe fishing influencers, with cameras everywhere and every moment being plastered on the internet.

That’s not such an issue for me. I just like that I don’t have to buy a second pair of sunglasses for social outings….. Instead I buy a second pair for fishing and wear them everywhere!  

Tonic Sunglasses Frame Style By Face Shape

Style comes down to personal taste, of course. And Tonic Sunglasses cater for all tastes with a range of lens sizes and shapes to choose from and a bunch of lens colours to match. As a general rule:

  1. Round Face: Look for angular frames that add definition to soft features. Square, rectangular, or wayfarer-style frames that are wider than the widest part of your face are a good choice. Avoid round frames as they’ll accentuate the roundness of your face.
  2. Oval Face: Oval faces suit various frame shapes, including round, aviator, cat-eye and square. Maintain balance by avoiding frames that are too large or too small.
  3. Square/Rectangular Face: Choose frames with soft curves and rounded edges to complement strong jawlines. Cat-eye, oval, round, or aviator styles work well, especially if they’re slightly wider than the forehead and jaw.
  4. Heart-Shaped Face: Opt for frames that balance the width of the forehead and jaw while accentuating the cheekbones. Cat-eye, aviator, or round frames are flattering choices.

Once again, my Sunglasses Picker tool will help match a pair of Tonic Sunglasses to your face to ensure you’re both stylish and ready to fish.

tonic sunglasses virtual assistant

Unlocking Brilliance: The Wonders of Tonic Sunglasses Lens Technology

tonic sunglasses slice lens technology
tonic sunglasses decentered lenses
tonic sunglasses anti-reflective coating

I love that Tonic Eyewear produces an awesome range of frames that are lightweight and robust with something to fit every face.

But let’s get serious…..

Lenses are the real hero’s when it comes to protecting our eyes, enhancing our vision and spotting more fish. The best frames are worthless if the lenses are rubbish. And the lenses are where the tech is.

So let me give you my very amateur explanation of Tonic sunglasses lens technology. Expect it to be in lay-person terms, oversimplified, but hopefully (mostly) correct.


Slice Technology: Tonics Weightless Comfort And Invincible Lenses


Lenses for polarised fishing sunglasses can be made from glass or a range of different plastics. Personally, I’ve always leaned towards glass lenses because good ones give clearer, less distorted vision than plastic lenses – and they’re more stable.

The downside? Most glass lenses are much heavier than plastic ones. Plus, the coatings can be scratched off, or the lens can be shattered by an impact. Nonetheless, I’ve always been willing to accept those drawbacks in return for clearer vision.

Except, now I don’t have to compromise.

Tonic Sunglasses Slice technology makes choosing glass over plastic lenses a “no-brainer”. They’re super thin, which makes them very light. The coatings can’t be scrateched because they’re sandwiched between glass front and back. And the lamination process makes them strong and resistant to shattering.


How Scratch Resistant Are Tonic Sunglasses Slice Lenses? See For Yourself!

If you haven’t owned glass lens sunglasses before you might be concerned about cracking or scratching a lens. Absolutely, it’s a possibility. But as you can see Tonic lenses will take a fair bit of punishment and are vastly superior to plastic in the scratch resistance contest.

Trust me, I’m tough on sunglasses, but my Tonics cope just fine with the punishment I dish out and they just keep performing. The scratch resistance is awesome!


VistaView Precision: How Tonic Sunglasses Eliminated My Headaches And Falls

Traditional lenses will often distort your peripheral vision. And especially with the wrap-around style frames that I prefer due to for their ability to block light coming from the side.

Why is distortion an issue? Two very important reasons: it can cause headaches and eyestrain. But it can also make it dangerous when you’re walking on uneven surfaces.

Tonic sunglasses commitment to optical excellence is obvious from the moment you slip a pair on your face. Their lens decentration technology will blow you away with  crystal-clear, undistorted vision, even when you’re wearing highly curved wraparound styles.

The result is proper depth perception, less headaches and eyestrain, not to mention less trips and falls when you’re moving over rough ground. For me, this has been super beneficial whether I’m wading creeks, negotiating rock walls or just out on a bumpy walking trail.


Spot More Fish, See More Colour: Unleashing Tonics Polarised Magic On The Water

Sunglasses that are not polarised are really just bringing down the overall intensity of light to more comfortable levels. This may or may not make fishing more comfortable, but it doesn’t enhance our vision.

Polarised lenses take fish spotting and eye protection to the next level. They block light from unwanted angles but let through light from desirable angles.

Simply put, the intense light that bounces off water is scattered and creates discomfort and temporary blindness. Polarised sunglasses remove scattered light, horizontal glare and surface reflections. With those gone, we can see through the water surface with ease.

Tonic didn’t stop at high end polarisation though. The combination of polarisation and other filters in Tonic sunglasses has created exceptional clarity and contrast. I’ve seriously never found it easier to spot fish.

As a bonus, colour perception is enhanced for a more vivid perception of the environment both above and below water. This is particularly advantageous for discerning subtle variations in water conditions and identifying potential fishing hotspots.


Sun Ready Vision: Tonic’s Photochromic Lens Sunglasses Give Adaptive Clarity


I wouldn’t be without heavily tinted sunglasses on those super bright days when there’s not a cloud in the sky.

But more often than not the sun keeps ducking behind a cloud. Or I’m fishing at the start and end of the day when the sun is low in the sky.

Low light conditions and low glare conditions are two different things. Glare and reflection can be very intense on dull days and can make spotting fish very difficult.

So, you could buy a pair of dark glasses for bright conditions and a second pair for dull conditions. Or you could just get Tonic’s photochromic lens sunglasses. 

Photochromic lens sunglasses adjust to the levels of light, darkening when the day is bright and lightening when when conditions are duller. I love that I can slip on a pair of photochromic lens sunglasses at the start of the day and wear them right through to the end of the day. 

Tonic Photochromic lens sunglasses are available in both copper and grey colours, depending on your needs and preferences. I’ll help you with choosing lens colours in just a moment.

 Beyond Glare: Tonic Eyewear’s Advanced ARC Technology For Ultimate Fishing Vision


Here’s something not too many people even think of when it comes to fishing sunnies…… Not all of the light that hits our eyeballs comes from in front of our face.

I’ve found that glare from the side can impact visual clarity and massively reduce my ability to spot fish. That’s why I like a wraparound frame with wide arms, like my Tonic Shimmer sunglasses. This frame style can really help with this, as can wearing a headsock that covers the sides of my face.

But sometimes I prefer other frame styles. And I don’t always want to wear a headsock.

That’s why the Anti-reflective coating (ARC) that’s built into every pair of Tonic Sunglasses is invaluable. It does an outstanding job of reducing reflection from the inside of the lens. So even without side protection, Tonics can maximise visual clarity and fish spotting ability.


Block The Blaze: Tonic Sunglasses UVA/B For Unparalleled Eye Protection


 I’ve already talked about the damage the exposure to UV and glare can do to our eyes. It includes eye conditions such as photokeratitis, cataracts, macular degeneration, pterygium, eyelid cancer, and corneal sunburn.

Don’t know what any of these are? Trust me, you don’t want to find out the hard way.

Tonic Sunglasses block 100% of UVA and UVB, that’s all you need to know. So if you religiously slip a pair of Tonics on every time you go outdoors you’ll vastly improve the chances of having healthy eyes later in life.


Colour Overload: Turning The Dial To Full Saturation


Have you ever noticed how the harsh sunlight on bright, clear days can make colours look kind of washed out? In the softer morning or late afternoon light colours seem brighter….

This happens because our eyes are struggling to cope with glare. The intense, painful, reflected light causes our pupils to constrict to minimise discomfort, which reduces the amount of desirable light that we need to perceive colours.

Slipping on a pair of polarised fishing sunglasses removes a lot of that reflected light, so our pupils dilate and let through more of the desirable light. And that intensifies our perception of colour.

There’s something about seeing the world in full colour that lists the spirit and heightens my fishing experience.

tonic sunglasses virtual assistant

Shades of Excellence: the Vibrant World of Tonic Sunglasses Lens Colours

Selecting the right lens colour is a crucial aspect of optimizing my vision and improving my fish spotting.

Different lens colours each have their own advantages in different environments and conditions. By choosing the right colour, anglers can optimise their eyewear to suit their own fishing needs.

The Tonic Sunglasses range can be split into a couple of main categories: Photochromic lens sunglasses and mirror lens sunglasses.

I’ve already covered the benefits of photochromic lens sunglasses, but let’s just touch on the mirror lens options…..

Mirror coated sunglass lenses are a really good choice for any situation whenever you’re exposed to really intense glare. The mirror surface reflects away a heap of light before it even reaches the polarising, colour or UV filters, let alone our eyes.

Of course, on really dull days or when the sun is low, this can be a disadvantage, making things too dark, so a photochromic lens may be the better option if you’re only going to own one pair of polarised sunglasses for fishing.

I’ve had the opportunity to try many of the lens colours in the Tonic sunglasses range, so allow me to share my opinions and preferences.

1. Photochromic Grey Lenses for True Color Perception:

Benefits: Grey lenses maintain the truest representation of colours making them versatile across different fishing environments. They’re particularly effective in bright sunlight, offering a natural and comfortable visual experience. That said, the grey lenses in Tonic sunglasses are photochromic, so they lighten if the day is less bright. Which means they are an excellent choice if you expect the light conditions to be variable.

Application: A great all-round option for a wide range of fishing scenarios, but also for general outdoor use and driving applications. Grey lenses are invaluable to photographers, videographers and artists who need the most natural light and colour perception.


2. Photochromic Copper for Improved Contrast and Fish Spotting:

Benefits: Copper lenses excel at enhancing contrast. This is particularly valuable in varied water conditions where spotting fish or submerged structures requires heightened visual clarity. The warm tones of Tonic copper lenses lifts colour contrast, and the photochromic technology makes them ideal for all-day use in a wide range of fishing environments and conditions.

Applications: I rate Tonic’s photochromic copper lenses as the most versatile option for fishing sunglasses. If I could only have one lens colour for my fishing sunglasses, this is exactly what I’d choose.


3. Copper Neon for Reducing Glare in Low Light Conditions:

Benefits: Copper Neon lenses are perhaps the most specialised of the Tonic sunglasses range. They dramatically reduce glare and improve fish spotting ability when the light is low, such as fishing beneath tree cover, on very overcast days or around dawn and dusk. Even in low light the glare and reflection can still make fish spotting a challenge. The copper neon tint enhances contrast without darkening my vision, letting me navigate or spot fish with ease.

Applications: Any time the light is low but glare and reflection still prevent me seeing through the water to spot fish. I don’t wear these every time I’m on on the water, but when I do, they’re invaluable.


4. Green Mirror Lenses for Tannin, Weedbeds and Algae:

Benefits: Like all of the mirror lenses, this option is perfect for really high glare conditions. The green tint and copper base lift contrast and give especially clear visibility when the water has a greenish tinge. I’ve noticed the green mirror lenses used in Tonic sunglasses are crazy good for when you need to distinguish between reds and greens.

Applications: Can be used anytime and anywhere that extreme glare is experienced. I’ve found them invaluable when the water has a tannin tinge to it, and also when targeting pink/red coloured fish such as jacks, snapper and coral trout in weedy or reefy areas. This is a great lens for any freshwater, estuarine or coastal fishing when fish are in weedbeds or if there’s a bit of algae in the water.


5. Blue Mirror Lenses for Maximum Glare Reduction and Intense Color Enhancement Offshore:

Benefits: Tonic’s Blue Mirror lenses are the ultimate in glare reduction. They also intensify color perception, especially in offshore environments where vibrant colors play a significant role in spotting game fish. The blue mirror effect adds a stylish touch while enhancing the overall visual experience.

Applications: I wear mine any time it’s super bright and glary, including driving on wet roads. That said, the blue mirrors really come into their own when you’re offshore fishing in the Bluewater.

tonic sunglasses virtual assistant

Tonic Eyewear’s Prescription Sunglass Options

Tonic Prescription Sunglasses Ophthalmologist

Sadly, many of us have less than perfect eyesight.

I guarantee the next person long-sighted person I see balancing sunglasses over the top of their reading glasses whilst they tie on a lure won’t be the last.

The scenario is worse for those who are short-sighted. How can you possibly hope to spot fish or cast with pinpoint accuracy if you can’t see distant objects?

The answer is Tonic prescription sunglasses. Every single lens and every single frame in the Tonic range is available as prescription eyewear. You can choose from single vision, bifocal or multi-focal options and Tonic make them to your optometrists prescription.

At the heart of Tonic’s prescription sunglasses are cutting-edge materials meticulously chosen for their optical excellence. The lenses are crafted to order from high-grade materials that not only ensure durability but also enhance the visual experience.

For those, like me, who can’t do without prescription eyewear, getting a pair of Tonic prescription sunglasses can take your fishing to a whole new level of enjoyment.

So Many Options: How To Choose The Right Tonic Sunglasses For You

I’ve found Tonic Sunglasses to be amazing. Comfort, colour saturation and ability to spot fish has made my time on the water immersive. So, I reached out to Tonic Eyewear and negotiated a deal to be able to bring their products to ALF listeners…. and here we are.


Pick The Perfect Tonic Frame And Lens Combination: Sunglasses Picker

If there’s a challenge with Tonic sunglasses, it’s choosing which ones you need. With more than 15 frames and 7 different lens colours there’s a lot of options available. For any given head there are multiple frames that will be comfortable, and for any fishing scenario there’s a lens that will excel.

It’s important to have that variety, because no two anglers have the same shaped face, fishing interests or style preferences….. But how do you choose?

Well, I’ve made that super simple. I’ve created a Sunglass Picker tool that’s just like a personal shop assistant. My Sunglasses picker will narrow your choice down to a few options based on your head size and shape and your particular fishing needs. It takes about 60 seconds and the hard work of choosing Tonic Sunglasses is done for you! 

tonic sunglasses virtual assistant

ZERO Risk: Price-Match And 100% Satisfaction Guarantees



I’m confident you won’t look back once you’ve put a pair of tonics on your face. And If you’ve owned Tonics before, the odds are you’re confident about that too.

But how can you buy with confidence if you’re ordering your very first pair of Tonic sunglasses? How can you know they’ll be a good fit? That they’ll be comfortable? That they’ll live up to the great rap I’ve given them above?

Simple! Buy them from Doc Lures.

Not only will you be supporting the Australian Lure Fishing podcast, but I’ll personally guarantee that you don’t pay too much and that you get a pair of sunglasses you’re 100% happy with. For non-prescription lenses I’ll match any genuine price on a new pair of Tonic Sunglasses, and I’ll also refund you or exchange your glasses for a different frame and/or lens if you’re not satisfied.

You can’t do better than that, the risk is all on me!

Obviously, I can’t do an exchange/refund deal on prescription lenses because they’re made to order according to your optometrists script. But I guarantee you’ll get personal service from myself and Tonic to make sure you get glasses that fit – and exceed your expectations.

More details, terms and conditions on my guarantees are available in the Team Doc Lures Tackle Collective


How To Get A Bunch Of Fishing Bonuses When You Buy Tonics

Anyone who has spent a bit of time in my membership or on my website knows full well that I love a package deal. I like to give my members, listeners and supporters a bit extra. And the deal I’m offering on Tonic Sunglasses is no different…..

The nature of my packages varies from time to time, but at the time of writing, non-members who purchase a pair of Tonic Sunglasses from the TDL Tackle Collective will receive two packets of Pro Lure Clone Prawns and a 12 Month Team Doc Lures membership with their order, absolutely free. Those bonuses are worth over $120 and will make a real difference to your fishing, so I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a pretty good deal!

Once again, use my sunglasses picker, or go directly to the tackle collective to grab a deal while you can.

The Wrap-Up On Tonic Sunglasses

As I’ve said a few times, there are a few good brands of sunnies on the market, but I’ve found Tonic Sunglasses to be head and shoulders above the rest (and I’ve tried a lot of them over the years).

Just to quickly recap, apart from the excellent price point, Tonic sunglasses boast the following benefits that are pretty hard to go past:

  • Comfortable, tough, lightweight frames that you can wear all day and punish for years
  • Full protection from long term damage to your eyes from UVA/B and extreme glare
  • Unbelievable polarisation that cuts glare and reflection and enables vision through the water
  • Incredible colour saturation for an immersive experience and enhanced fish spotting
  • Perfectly clear and undistorted vision for surefootedness and prevention of eye strain headaches
  • Super lightweight glass lenses for optical perfection and all-day comfort

I opened this review by stating that quality sunglasses are among the most important pieces of equipment that keen anglers can invest in – and I stand by that statement. Do yourself a favour and check out the Tonic Eyewear range today. I’m confident you will be glad you did!

tonic sunglasses virtual assistant