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Forget the tiring, self-promotional, sponsored commentary overflowing from websites and social media.

Doc Lures’ Australian Lure Fishing Podcast cuts through the noise and gets straight to the point, sharing the secrets of Australia’s most successful lure fishing masters.

Whether you love fishing rivers and streams, lakes and impoundments, estuaries, coastal zones or the vast blue ocean doesn’t matter. 

You’ll find the info you need on tackle, techniques and locations all right here.


Take advantage of our free tools and detailed information to take the guesswork out of your lure fishing. Quickly find out what lures to use and exactly when, where and how to catch trophy fish – whether it’s in your own back yard or a far-off destination you’re dreaming of fishing.

Catch Trophy Fish Like These…… On Lures!

George Anasta lure fishing for jewfish
Scotto James has a refreshing take on lure fishing for black bream
Nicki Sticklen with a great lure-caught Australian bass
Mark Gekovich reckons lure fishing for winter trout is a must-do!
Aaron Hill with a fabulous Murray cod caught lure fishing the Murrumbidgee
Alex Watson shows why lure fishing for mangrove jack is so addictive!

Most Recent Australian Lure Fishing Podcast Episodes

Every week we publish three new lure fishing episodes, each one packed with tips, tricks and secrets shared by the best of the best in Australian Fishing. Learn where to find fish, what tackle to bring and how to suceed at fooling them into eating lure like there’s no tomorrow!

“Must-Listen” Lure Fishing Episodes

The following are some of the most popular Australian Lure Fishing Podcast episodes, but you can check out every single episode on the ALF Podcasts page.


Free Lure Fishing Tools And Resources


Lure Fishing Locations Map

With so much great lure fishing info to work through, we knew that ALF listeners would want an easy way to sort through and find the key info they were after. So we created a map to displays the content geographically for you!

Lure Selection Tool

Looking for a fast way to create a list of lures recommended by experts based on your species and/or locations of interest? This tool allows you to sort the data, create, download and print a list.

Top Fishing Lures Report

Which lures come up most often in conversation with Australia’s best anglers? Download this report to know the most popular bass, barra, bream, flathead, jewfish, jack, cod and snapper lures!

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