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Australia’s anglers are indeed fortunate. With an enormous diversity of aquatic environments from tropical reefs to cold southern oceans, the variety of fishing experiences available is unmatched. This article, inspired by angling expert Paul Worsteling, details five of his favourite fishing spots across Australia. Each location is explored through his experiences and insights, providing a thrilling guide for any fishing aficionado.

Cobourg Peninsula: A Remote Paradise

The Allure of Cobourg Peninsula

Cobourg Peninsula is heralded as a fishing paradise, remote and largely untouched by human activity. Accessible via a light plane from Darwin, it’s a place where anglers can truly escape. Paul describes it as a mix of luxury and wildness, where modern amenities meet rugged nature.

Fishing and Local Attractions

The fishing opportunities here are diverse, from barramundi to golden snapper and mackerels. The area is also known for its incredible land-based fishing opportunities. Paul’s enthusiasm makes it clear why this is a top destination – the sheer variety and quality of the fish make it a dream location for any angler.

Does Coburg Peninsula Sound like a place you need to visit? Check out my interview with Coburg fishing guide Hugh Gange

Exmouth, Western Australia: A Diverse Aquatic Playground

Why Exmouth?

Exmouth is unique in its lack of pretense and astounding natural beauty. It offers some of the best marlin fishing worldwide, alongside a remarkable variety of other species like GTs, golden trevally, and coral trout. Paul’s recounting of his experiences, catching bonefish and swordfish, highlights the area’s richness.

What to Expect in Exmouth

The waters around Exmouth are teeming with life, offering everything from beach fishing for whiting to deep-sea adventures for sailfish and marlin. It’s a place where every fishing trip promises new surprises and plentiful catches.

We’ve covered multiple fishing opportunities in the Exmouth area. If you’re new to the area then Steve Riley’s Exmouth fishing spots is a great place to start. Steve has also given us the good oil on Exmouth goldband snapper, Exmouth sailfish and, if you’re a shorebound visitor in a early episode of ALF Steve shared tips for catching spangled emperor

St Helens to Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania: A Spectacular Stretch

The Appeal of Eastern Tasmania

This region offers a lengthy coastline filled with diverse fishing spots. Paul’s adventures here have included everything from game fishing for marlin to hunting for giant crabs and diving for abalone.

The Richness of Tasmanian Waters

The waters here are not only beautiful but also bountiful, providing anglers with opportunities to catch a wide array of species in stunning settings. Paul’s stories of friendly competitions and casual fishing outings illustrate the community and charm of this fishing locale.

Great Barrier Reef (GBR), Queensland: An Angler’s Dream

The Majestic Great Barrier Reef

The GBR is the world’s largest coral reef system and a top spot for anglers seeking the ultimate fishing trip. It offers an unparalleled variety of fish and beautiful, scenic spots that can turn any fishing trip into a memorable adventure.

Fishing the Reef

According to Paul, fishing in the GBR can be an awe-inspiring experience, with opportunities to catch giant black marlin and countless other species. The diversity and abundance of life here make it a must-visit destination for serious anglers.

South West Western Australia: Rugged and Wild

Discovering the Southwest

This region is known for its challenging fishing conditions and incredible rewards. Fish like the mighty dhufish and the elusive snapper can be found here, providing thrilling catches for those willing to brave the rugged conditions.

A Land of Contrasts

From the quiet, introspective moments spent waiting for a bite to the adrenaline of a challenging catch, South West WA offers a unique blend of peacefulness and excitement for anglers.

This part of WA offers some pretty unique fishing opportunities. Over the years we’ve talked to anglers who abseil the cliffs to fish for blue groper and even dhufish. It doesn’t have to always be adrenaline packed fishing in southern WA though…. there are plenty of bread and butter options, such as bream fishing in Albany

Conclusion: An Invitation to Explore

While this article covers Paul’s top five fishing locations in Australia, there’s a special sixth spot reserved exclusively for members of Team Doc Lures. These destinations each offer unique experiences and opportunities, promising unforgettable adventures for every angler. To discover the sixth top spot and enjoy more exclusive content, consider joining the team!

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Paul Worsteling Fishing Bio

Paul Worsteling

Fishing Icon And Television Personality

Paul started fishing as a young boy and had his first job in a tackle shop as a teenager. He spent many years doing fishing radio, writing articles, running tackle stores and being co-host of Rex Hunt’s fishing adventures. Paul started the iFish Television show in 2009 and has since shot well over 500 episodes….. and counting. Whilst his fishing exploits have taken him all over the world, he’s well aware that Australia offers some of the most incredible fishing that’s right up there with the best.

For more about Paul’s fishing journey, check out his podcast interview with April Vokey
Check out more fishing action on Jet Wosteling’s TikTok

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