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 About The Australian Lure Fishing Podcast

G’day Lure Fishers and ALF Listeners! Greg “Doc Lures Vinall here……. but feel free to call me “Doc”!

I’m the founder and host of the Australian Lure Fishing Podcast, where I assemble a line-up of Australia’s best lure fishermen and fisherwomen – and interview them to find out the secrets to their success.

Let’s face it…… lure fishing can be frustrating sometimes. It can take a long time and lots of effort to figure out how to consistently catch fish on lures, especially if you try and do it on your own.

But it’s a whole lot easier when you have fishing guides, tournament champs and high profile fishing identities sharing countless thousands of fishing secrets, tricks, tips and hacks.  It means you have a head-start and don’t have to figure lure fishing out completely for yourself.

Pretty cool, huh?

We’ve built one of the largest databases of detailed fishing information in Australia, created a bunch of tools to go with it…… and we’ve barely gotten started!


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About The ALF Podcast

by Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall | Australian Lure Fishing

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ALF Objectives & Mission


In every podcast episode we aim to:

  • Find and interview a seriously talented Aussie lure fisherman about how to fish for a sport fishing species they’ve mastered.
  • Extract from each of our guests the essence of their success on that species and where they think other fishermen go wrong in their quest.
  • Provide a refreshing new way to get your fill of fishing info whilst you’re in the car, at the gym, on a plane, or anywhere else you listen to podcasts.

On our website we aim to:

  • Organise the information provided by our guests in a way that’s user friendly, quick and easily accessible, either by listening to the podcast, searching our site or downloading the resource sheet.
  • Over time, build an amazing online database of fishing tips from the country’s best anglers for a wide range of Aussie species, at a wide range of locations.

Australian Lure Fishing Podcast Mission

Our ultimate mission is to help Australia’s lure fishermen master their target sport fishing species by sharing the tips, tricks and secrets of the country’s recognised fishing guru’s.



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About Greg “Doc Lures” Vinall

Doc is a genuine lure fishing tragic. Addicted since the age of six, for more than four decades he’s rigorously fought off interventions and other efforts to “rehabilitate” him. Those remaining in his life now know that to try and “cure” Doc of his fishing obsession is a waste of time.

As a youth, Doc was academically sharp, though his school results don’t reflect it. Sadly, he suffered a strange recurring illness that remains undiagnosed to this day but resulted in frequent absences a few days either side of the full and new moons, or when there was a flush in the river system, or the whitebait started running…..

Realising that the end of his school years might mark the point at which fishing became restricted to weekends, Doc feverishly searched for an alternative. To avoid getting a job he eventually enrolled in a university degree studying Aquatic Science. The university campus was situated on the banks of an excellent fishing river, allowing Doc to fish weekends and evenings, before and after classes, between classes…… and occasionally during classes.

By the end of his degree is was very clear that Doc was still not fit for release into normal society, so he remained on at Uni for some years, completing a PhD in the aquatic sciences. To be honest, he found it pretty easy to study stuff that had a direct bearing on his fishing results. He also found himself surrounded by equally fishing obsessed colleagues, which did nothing for his addiction.

For the next 25 or so years Doc masqueraded as a consulting scientist. It was a pretty good gig, getting paid to travel all over Australia studying and exploring river systems. Everyone thought he finally had a “real job” and no-one saw through the thinly veiled excuse to flit about checking out fishing spots. It was almost perfect. Almost. Sadly, Doc’s clients expected results – and that meant taking time out of traveling and fishing to write reports. Not good, something had to give…… and it was going to be the “real job”.

Things changed direction in 2004 when Doc published his first eBook, a simple guide to making handmade wooden lures, a hobby Doc had pursued since his early teens to alleviate fishing withdrawal symptoms during periods of bad weather or closed season. Since then he’s published multiple books and eBooks, websites and course about lure making and lure fishing. He’s also spoken from stage as a fishing scientist a few times, entertaining audiences with a curious mix of fishing, aquatic science and warped humour.

The Australian Lure Fishing Podcast is Doc’s passion project. His aim is to share the secrets of Australia’s best fishermen with anyone who is interested in experiencing better lure fishing. Oh, and he wants to avoid getting another “real job”, of course.