Andrew Death

Bream Kayak Tournament Champ

Andrew has been a serious competitive kayak bream fisher for over a decade and it’s taken him to places he never thought possible – including competing overseas. The reigning Hobie World’s Champion, he’s won a bunch of tournaments, been on the podium plenty of times and had numerous top ten placings.

Key Takeaways From My Conversation With Andrew Death

  1. Fishing Illusions on Social Media: Social media can create a distorted perception of fishing, showcasing impressive catches as though they’re the norm. It’s important to remember that these moments are exceptions, not everyday reality.
  2. Tournament Results: Even skilled anglers experience wins and losses during competitions. Sharing both successes and setbacks promotes transparency and a realistic understanding of the challenges of fishing.
  3. The Significance of One Percenters: Elite anglers focus on accumulating small advantages through careful planning, understanding fish behaviour, and constantly making fine adjustments. These details contribute to more consistent success in fishing.
  4. Adaptability and Unpredictability: Despite thorough preparation, fishing remains unpredictable. Learning to adapt to changing circumstances is crucial for anglers at all levels.
  5. Balanced Perspective and Continuous Improvement: Approaching fishing with a balanced mindset and embracing the learning process is essential. Striving for improvement while enjoying the unique experiences and challenges fishing offers.
  6. Tournament Fishing Success: Understanding conditions, species, and having local knowledge improve chances of success in fishing tournaments.
  7. Knot Choices: The FG knot is recommended for connecting braid to leader, while the uni knot and lefties loop knot are preferred terminal knots.
  8. Hooks and Scent: Using hooks in pristine condition and applying scent moderately can enhance fishing success.
  9. Preparedness, Confidence, and Mindful Observation: These qualities contribute to success in fishing by being ready, maintaining a positive mindset, not giving up, adapting strategies, and observing the environment.
  10. Time on the Water and Mental Game: Spending more time fishing and developing a focused mindset is critical when fishing at elite levels.
  11. Pre-fishing and Gaining Experience: Prior experience and learning from winners’ strategies are crucial in fishing tournaments.
  12. Sharing Information and Practical Application: Sharing information is valuable, but practical application and practice are necessary for success.
  13. Casual Vs Tournament Fishing: Treating social fishing as though it’s a tournament will increase catches, but Andrew often likes to relax and often catches less during a social outing.
  14. Different Anglers, Different Techniques: Each angler has their own preferred techniques and lures that work for them.
  15. Versatility and Persistence: Versatile lures and not giving up until the end of a fishing session can lead to unexpected successes.
  16. Catching Opportunities: Even when heading back to the ramp, there may still be opportunities to catch fish, so it’s important to keep fishing until the very end.

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