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Bonnie is a content creator extraordinaire and first got exposure to fishing as the official photographer at a Shimano King of Kings event about 6 years ago. She became swept up in the energy and vibrance of SCF and now finds herself in her dream job working as a creative for SCF and collaborating with some of the best fishing film makers in the country.

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In this special bonus episode of the Australian Lure Fishing Podcast, Greg Vinall, the host, is joined by Bonnie Cheung, the creative mind behind SCF Australia. The focus of their conversation is the Topwater Film Invitational (TFI), an event that stands as a celebration of fishing content and a showcase of the best in topwater fishing on the renowned Great Barrier Reef.

Airing on a unique day—Saturday, the 14th of October—this episode breaks tradition, aligning with the second TFI competition. The first TFI competition took place in 2022, where various teams were given a two-week window to film, edit, and upload a 20-minute video encapsulating the essence of topwater fishing on the Great Barrier Reef. The event was a massive success. This year, in 2023, TFI has grown even larger, promising a lineup of fabulous fishing films.

Bonnie Cheung, the brains behind the creative aspects at SCF Australia, expresses her excitement for TFI 2023. The event is expected to be massive, involving more teams and covering a broader area of fishing experiences. The anticipation for the films is palpable, and Bonnie, having dedicated significant effort to the event, is eagerly awaiting their release on this special Saturday.

Greg and Bonnie reminisce about Bonnie’s initial foray into the fishing world. Originally attending an SCF fishing competition as a photographer, she was captivated by the unique culture and energy of the fishing community. Though initially unfamiliar with fishing, her involvement grew, eventually leading to a full-time role at SCF, where she now plays a vital part in creating captivating content, working with esteemed creators within the industry.

Transitioning from wedding and commercial photography to fishing content creation was an unexpected but welcome shift for Bonnie. She found herself enamored with the fishing industry, where creativity extended beyond the fishing itself, incorporating elements of filmmaking, photography, and graphic design. This multifaceted creative space offered Bonnie a dream job, merging her passion for content creation with her newfound love for fishing.

Reflecting on her journey, Bonnie emphasizes the importance of pursuing one’s passion and consistently creating content. She encourages aspiring creatives to immerse themselves in their craft, capturing every opportunity to film and edit, and to do so with genuine passion and dedication.

They also discuss the TFI app, the platform for viewing and voting on the films. Bonnie highlights its significance and encourages everyone to participate, emphasizing that the event not only showcases incredible fishing but also promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility.

In conclusion, the episode encourages the audience to engage with TFI 2023 through the app, watch the exceptional films, and vote for their favorites, contributing to the vibrant fishing community and supporting a positive message about the importance of responsible fishing and conservation.

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There’s a simple way to quickly and reliably identify where the fish will be congregated to feed…. and that’s the topic of todays ALF podcast episode.

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