EPISODE 630 Lake Macquarie lure fishing gun Dan Guilfoyle is back with advice on how to enjoy hot winter fishing in Lake Macquarie.

Dan Guilfoyle

Lake Macquarie Fishing Identity

Dan grew up fishing Lake Macquarie and as a youngster used to walk the banks and wade the shore casting for flathead, bream and whiting. These days he’s we’ll known as a jewfish specialist who also nails plenty of other species in this popular waterway. In the second in his series on fishing Lake Macquarie, Dan shares the top winter fishing options and how to get amongst them.

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Dan’s Lac Macquarie Winter Fishing Tips 

  • Winter fishing in Lake Macquarie and the Swansea Channel offers exciting opportunities to target popular species like salmon, tailor, and trevally, which attract local anglers as well as visitors to the area. Understanding the behavioral patterns of targeted species is essential for successful fishing during the winter months.
  • Species like whiting and yellowtail kingfish tend to be less active during winter, but other species such as flathead, jewfish, bream, snapper, salmon, tailor, and trevally thrive in the colder months.
  • It’s important to note that many species continue to feed actively through winter but may feed on different items, and in different areas within the lake during warmer months.
  • As the temperature drops, surface lures and sight fishing the shallow margins give way to using soft plastics, vibes, and blades in deeper water and a reliance on sounder technology. 
  • Productive fishing spots in winter are often found in depths ranging from 5 to 10 meters. Rocky areas, weed beds, cockle beds, and wrecks are particularly fruitful locations for targeting winter fish.
  • Utilizing side scan technology is crucial for locating fishing spots and identifying underwater structures that may serve as hotspots for fish activity.
  • Proper boat positioning, adjusting drift rates based on wind conditions, and employing electric motors are key strategies for effectively fishing around underwater structures and maximising catch potential.
  • When targeting wrecks, it’s recommended to fan out casts to cover a wider area rather than solely focusing on the wreck itself. Soft plastics and soft vibes are effective lure choices for this style of fishing.
  • The choice of lure size should be based on specific conditions and water depth, while natural patterns that mimic the primary food source in the waterway are generally reliable choices for attracting fish.
  • Fish rely more on vibration, smell, and sound rather than sight alone, highlighting the importance of lure action and presentation over colour selection.
  • Lake Macquarie serves as a habitat for both resident and visiting fish species, with the presence of a power station attracting various species due to the warm water and abundant food sources. The survival of fish is closely tied to the surrounding water temperature, as they are cold-blooded creatures reliant on suitable thermal conditions.
  • The fishing area in Lake Macquarie and Swansea Channel features reef systems, concrete structures, and rocky areas, making it important to use small lures and hooks and to be prepared for potential snagging and tackle loss.
  • Around the power station warm water outlets, casting up current and allowing the lure to drift down is an effective strategy. This is also effective when targeting schools of tailor and salmon in the Swansea area during incoming tides that bring clear water.

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