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Fishing at Forster offers an incredible variety of angling opportunities all year round. Whether you’re fishing from the shore, a kayak, or a boat, this picturesque area is a must-visit for any avid angler. With the help of Luke Austin from Great Lakes Tackle, we’ve narrowed down the top five fishing spots in the Forster-Tuncurry area, each providing a unique fishing experience.

1. The Forster Breakwall

A Year-Round Fishing Haven

The breakwall, where the ocean meets the estuary, is a prime spot for fishing in Forster. This area is accessible to everyone and offers a variety of species throughout the year. From bream to flathead and even the occasional kingfish, the breakwall provides a diverse and productive fishing environment.

Seasonal Breakdown

  • Winter: This is the prime time for bream, luderick, and jewfish. As the bream settle on the wall for spawning, it’s common to see masses of them shimmering in the water.
  • Spring: Expect leftover bream from winter and an influx of inshore kingfish. The breakwall can be a hotspot for large kingfish that venture close to the shore.
  • Summer: Flathead become the main target, with big breeding congregations forming around the breakwall.
  • Autumn: This transitional period sees a mix of flathead and bream.

Recommended Lures

  • Bream: Soft plastics like two and a half inch grubs and minnow-style lures are highly effective.
  • Jewfish: Larger soft plastics ranging from five to ten inches.
  • Kingfish: Surface lures and stickbaits are your go-to for targeting these aggressive fish.

2. The Paddock

Oyster Lease Paradise

Located just south of the bridge, the Paddock is a renowned fishing area in Forster, especially for those with a boat. The oyster leases here provide perfect structure for big flathead and bream.

Target Species

  • Flathead: All year round, but especially large ones in summer.
  • Bream: Particularly active in winter around the oyster racks.

Tips and Techniques

  • Flathead: Use larger paddle tail soft plastics during the run-out tide.
  • Bream: Smaller soft plastics and vibes work well. Fish the high tide for the best results.

3. The Flats and Weed Beds

Expansive Fishing Grounds

Further up the lake, you’ll find extensive weed beds and sand flats. These areas are ideal for targeting bream, whiting, and flathead.

Best Times to Fish

  • Summer: Perfect for chasing bream and whiting on surface lures.
  • Winter: Focus on flathead as they move into these areas.

Effective Lures

  • Bream and Whiting: Small shallow crankbaits and surface lures.
  • Flathead: Paddle tail soft plastics in the three to four-inch range.

4. The Canals

Family-Friendly Fishing

The canal areas in Forster and Tuncurry are great for family fishing. These spots are safe for kids and still provide excellent fishing opportunities.

Target Species

  • Flathead: Active throughout the canals, especially during high tide.
  • Bream: Plenty around the jetties and pontoons.


  • Use smaller soft plastics for flathead and bream.
  • For kids, pre-rigged plastics can ensure a hassle-free fishing experience.

5. The Bridge

Structure and Current

The bridge in Forster is another top spot, offering both accessibility and a variety of species. This area is especially good for targeting larger fish that are drawn to the structure and current.

Seasonal Highlights

  • Spring/Early Summer: This is the prime time for targeting kingfish.
  • Winter: Focus on bream and luderick.

Recommended Gear

  • Kingfish: Heavy-duty gear with PE4 or higher, using large stickbaits and poppers.
  • Bream: Light tackle with soft plastics or small hard bodies.


Fishing in Forster provides a wealth of opportunities for anglers of all levels. Whether you prefer the challenge of the breakwall, the structure of the oyster leases, the expanse of the flats, the family-friendly canals, or the excitement of the bridge, there’s something here for everyone. Remember to visit Great Lakes Tackle for the latest local advice and gear to make your fishing trip a success. Happy fishing!

Luke Austin Fishing Bio

Luke Austin

Forster-Tuncurry Guru and Tackle Store Owner

Luke grew up in the Forster Tuncurry area and has spent a lifetime fishing there. Over the past 6 years he’s been the owner and operator of Great Lakes Tackle in Tuncurry, which gives him a finger on the pulse of all fishing opportunities in the area.

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