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Tuggerah Lakes Fishing: Bream With Adam Amos

Introduction to Tuggerah Lake Fishing

Tuggerah Lake, nestled on the NSW Central Coast, is a prime destination for bream fishing, easily accessible from Sydney. It’s a popular spot that many might overlook on their way to Lake Macquarie. I had the pleasure of discussing the nuances of targeting bream in Tuggerah Lake with Adam Amos, a seasoned angler with over 20 years of lure fishing experience and a notable figure in the tournament scene.

Adam Amos’ Approach to Bream Fishing in Tuggerah Lake

Choosing the Right Lures

Adam emphasizes the importance of selecting the appropriate lures based on seasonal conditions. His top picks include:

  • Surface Lures: Especially effective during the prawn runs, Adam’s favorites include the Bent Minnow in pink head, the MMD Splash Prawn in amber, and the Dilemma Popper with tinsel on the hook. These lures work well due to their ability to mimic the natural prey of bream in the lake.

Tuggerah Lake Fishing Strategy

For effective lure fishing in Tuggerah Lake, Adam suggests focusing on areas with broken weed rather than dense weed beds. This allows the lures to reach the small pockets where bream are likely to ambush prey.

  • Casting: Long casts are crucial, with Adam recommending a technique that utilizes wind assistance to increase casting distance.
  • Retrieval: An erratic retrieval method, combining quick cranks with pauses, is effective in triggering strikes from bream. Adjustments may be necessary based on the day’s conditions and bream activity.

Essential Gear

Adam prefers a medium-light action, around seven feet in length, which offers the best balance of control and sensitivity for casting surface lures. His reel of choice is typically a light spinning reel, capable of handling the fine braid essential for long, precise casts. Adam stresses the importance of a high-quality fluorocarbon leader, about four to six pounds, to ensure the lures present naturally in the clear lake waters.

Key Fishing Tips from Adam Amos

  • Focus on Water Conditions: Adjust your lure choice and technique based on water clarity and weed structure.
  • Observe Fish Behavior: Pay close attention to how bream are reacting to different lures and adjust your approach accordingly.
  • Maintain Gear: Regular checks and maintenance of lines and lures can make a significant difference in successful outings.


Fishing in Tuggerah Lake offers both challenges and rewards. By following expert advice from seasoned anglers like Adam Amos, you can significantly improve your chances of landing quality bream. Whether you’re a novice seeking your first catch or an experienced angler refining your techniques, the insights provided here will enhance your fishing adventures in Tuggerah Lake.

Adam Amos Fishing

Adam Amos

Tournament Bream Fisho

Adam is a tournament winning bream fisho who has fished Tuggerah Lake for decades and knows the system like the back of his hand. A self confessed topwater tragic, he’s learned to fish other styles when the topwater just isn’t firing.

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