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  • Tim’s fishing journey began at a young age, guided by well-known fishing brother Steve, using pilchards on gang hooks around the Brunswick River. At the age of 13, he transitioned to using Rapala Shadraps, as a way to save on bait costs.
  • During the early years of bream tournaments, hard-bodied lures like Rebel Crawdad and various small hard baits were popular choices. The advent of soft plastics revolutionized lure fishing, offering enhanced versatility, especially in different depths and structures.
  • Tim emphasized the importance of adjusting lure sizes, weights, and colors based on fishing conditions and locations to effectively attract bream.
  • Various lure designs and colors, such as Berkeley Bass Minnow and Atomic Cranks, were noted for their impact on attracting and catching bream.
  • Tim provided insights into his approach to line and leader selection, particularly advocating for fluorocarbon lines for crankbait fishing to minimize stretch and achieve better hook penetration.
  • Tim reflected on tournament experiences and the excitement of winning competitions, attributing much of the advancements in lure fishing to tournaments like ABT.
  • He discussed the recent release of Rapala Crush City, a soft plastic lure line that has already shown success in tournaments, showcasing the continuous innovation and progress in lure fishing.
  • The design, features, and applications of the Crush City soft plastic lures were discussed, emphasizing their buoyancy, lifelike movement underwater, and the use of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material.
  • This interview delved into the global release strategy of the Crush City product line, including plans for entering the Canadian market, showcasing adaptability to various fishing needs worldwide.

Tim Morgan

Tournament Bass And Bream Champ

Tim is one of Australia’s most successful and respected anglers on the bream and bass tournament scene. He’s also be a significant figure in the tackle industry for many years, making him the perfect guest to explore bream luring techniques.

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