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Shroom’s Top Tips For Sydney Harbour Bream!

  • Most anglers seem to think that Sydney Harbour bream fishing is only good on high tides. The truth is, high tides fish well, but bream can be caught on any tide in the harbour, you just need to persevere and figure out what to do on different phases of the tide.
  • Where you choose to fish is often more a matter of personal choice, since you’ll find bream pretty much everywhere. Be prepared for a bycatch of kingfish, trevally, salmon, squid, flathead and more.
  • Cloudy days with light winds fish best. A headwind or tailwind is still fishable, but side winds can be very difficult. The trick is to stay in contact with a light lure and be able to work it properly when there is a big belly in the line.
  • Hard body diving lures are great for seeing whether the fish are active and feeding and are one of the easiest options for someone new to lure fishing. Cast parallel to structure and slow roll them back.
  • If the fishing is tough, put a little attractant on the soft plastic (Shroom uses either Gulp Gel or S-Factor) and don’t be afraid to dead-stick the lure on the bottom for 10-15 seconds. Often bream will take it when you start to move it again. Also reduce the aggressiveness of the retrieve and avoid the temptation to strike at every bump, give the fish time to take the lure properly

Shroom’s Bream Fishing Tackle

  • A 7’ carbon fibre rod in the 1-3 or 2-4kg line class range is the right length and a fast action rod will allow you to work lures better. The lighter rod can be coupled with a 1000 size Shimano/2000 size Daiwa spin reel, while the 2-4kg rod is best coupled with a 2500 size reel.
  • If you are purchasing budget priced lines, go for 6lb. If you have a bigger budget and are buying quality Japanese lines, go for PE 0.6. Either way, couple it with a 6lb fluorocarbon leader and you’re set.

Shroom’s Bream Lures

  • The 2.5” Zman Grub in in watermelon red rigged on a 1/16 oz jig head with a #2 hook is perfect for dropping down . You can use pretty much any 2.5” soft plastic grub, though, so use whatever you have in your bag.
  • Atomic Hardz Deep and Medium divers in the 38mm size are a great hard body lure that bream will often take aggressively. This is Shroom’s lure for testing the attitude of the fish to see if they’re being aggressive, especially if there is a bit of ripple on the water. Cast adjacent to structure and simply slow roll back. If you’re not getting hit in the first handful of casts, switch to one of the soft plastic options.
  • The 45mm Squidgy Wriggler in bloodworm colour, again on a 1/16 oz jig head with a size 2 hook is one of Shroom’s go-to lures and is a good option especially when the fish are a bit shut down. It’s a good lure to choose if you feel the Zman grub is a bit large on the day.


Sydney Fishing Personality

Shroom has been fishing the sydney area for most of his life and has been targeting bream on lures for over a decade. When he’s not fishing he’s talking about fishing and delivering helpful video fishing content on his YouTube channel.

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    Great pod. Let’s see how the atomic hardz goes, ive never caught a bream on a lure.


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