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BCF Topwater Film Invitational Organisers And SCF Kingpins

SCF is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes waterway health, reef health and sustainable recreational use of our waterways and fisheries. The invitational is about showcasing the best topwater fishing in the world, right here on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

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About The BCF Topwater Film Invitational

  • The Topwater Film Invitational is all about showcasing some of the most special and most spectacular topwater fishing, reef and bluewater, in the world….. On the Great Barrier Reef between Gladstone and the tip of Cape York.
  • Both Dean and Ben are addicted to GT fishing, but the range of species available for topwater fishing includes dogtooth tuna, marlin, Spanish mackerel, wahoo and reefies like coral trout, red bass and wrasse.
  • The Invitational is a film festival challenge where some of the best fishing content producers and influencers were given 14 days to shoot the best fishing videos of their lives. The SCF crew and sponsors BCF are aiming to raise awareness of the importance of recreational anglers as custodians and stewards of our waterways and fisheries.
  • The videos produced during the invitational will be exhibited at the 3 SEQ Gold Class cinemas (Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast) on Saturday 5 November and will then be available for online viewing for a limited time, with viewers to cast votes for the best film. Cinema goers are in the draw to win cash and prizes, plus get to be first to see the films and mingle with the creators.
  • Cash prizes of $70K for the best films creates strong incentive for the content creators, with plenty of additional cash and prizes to be won.
  • Ticket sales for the cinema and app are being donated to OzFish Unlimited to help fund fish habitat restoration projects.
  • The teams include:
  • Whether you attend the cinema screenings or view the videos on the app you’ll have the opportunity to cast your vote for the best film and help decide the winning team!
  • In 2023 the invitational is hoped to expand nationwide and will also include an amateur film component that is open to the public, with voting and prizes.

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BCF Australia

The Topwater Invitational is proudly sponsored by BCF Australia


Episode 569: Lake Macquarie On Lures With Dan Guilfoyle. Part 1: Summer.

Episode 569: Lake Macquarie On Lures With Dan Guilfoyle. Part 1: Summer.

Lake Macquarie might cop a lot of fishing pressure over the summer months, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great opportunities on offer for those in the know about how, when and where to fish! Dan Guilfoyle shares a lifetime of local knowledge for those keen to hit the water in the coming months.

Episode 558: Beach Pelagics With Ben Svenson

Episode 558: Beach Pelagics With Ben Svenson

Usually when it comes to targeting large Spanish mackerel, giant trevally, tunas and other pelagic speedsters we’re fishing inshore and offshore reefs from a boat, or perhaps from rocks and cliffs that give access to deep water. But a unique opportunity exists on the Western Australian coastline between Geraldton and Exmouth to target large pelagic species from the beaches! Ben Svenson has been honing his skills on these fish for the past 12 months with plenty of success and shares his learnings in todays ALF interview.


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