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Sydney bream fishing with Luke Kay

Luke Kay Sydney Bream Fishing Bio

Luke Kay

Sponsored Tournament Angler

Luke is a talented tournament angler with plenty of runs on the board and a reputation for being able to find the better-quality bream from whatever location he’s fishing – but especially in his back yard on Sydney Harbour and Lane Cove River.

Luke Kay Sydney Bream fishing IG

Luke’s Sydney Harbour/Lane Cove Bream Tips

  • Luke’s preferred structure when fishing the Lane Cove River and Sydney Harbour is weed and mud flats, pontoons, poles, bridges and mooring blocks.
  • When targeting weed and mud flats, pontoons and poles in current, mooring blocks and the bottom of structure Luke likes the Pro Lure Motor Oil Grub rigged on TT No2 jig heads 1/12th – 1/8th
  • For fishing pontoons, weed flats, boat hulls and oyster racks the Pro Lure Live Yabby in mud green, pearl green or bloodworm colours, rigged on 1/40th – 1/12th TT hidden weight jig heads on a No 2 hook. Weedless hooks are also good for this style of fishing.
  • On  flats, pontoons, boat hull and rails the Pro Lure S26 and D26 Crank Baits in colours matt black, combat, violet shrimp and brown gill are perfect.
  • Pro Lure V 35 blades are super effective around mooring blocks, poles and bridge pylons.

Luke’s Bream Fishing Tackle

  • Luke uses 4lb braid and 4lb leader for most applications in the Sydney Harbour and Lane Cove River systems.
  • He switches to Daiwa J-Braid in 8 lb and Sunline FC Rock leader when using Pro Lure D36 Cranks on Rails

Luke’s Pro Tips

  • 95% of Luke’s XL bream come from the bottom of structure.
  • Always keep in contact with the lure, especially in wind of tidal flow.
  • Slow down. After two separate hand injuries, Luke was forced to slow down – something that has helped him to start catching more XL bream

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Luke’s Supporters

Luke wishes to thank Heath McGeachie at Pro Lure Australia and Lyndon Briggs.



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  1. Bazz

    How do you guys get away with fishing such light leaders on these Sydney Bream? I keep getting busted off on 4lb on Bream under Boat Hulls etc.
    Are all 4lb leaders created equal?
    Or is my drag set too tight you reckon? It’s light enough that they go for short runs.


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