Greg Vinall

Greg Vinall

Weary But Happy Podcast Host!

Greg has hosted the Australian Lure Fishing Podcast since the first episo9de in January 2019, being the interviewer for every one of the first 500 episodes. When he’s not podcasting he’s, making lures, working as a consulting aquatic scientist – or he’s out chasing northern estuary species!


 Summary Of Episode 500

Origins Of The ALF Podcast

  • Greg started ALF as a result of peer pressure and wasn’t expecting it to be so popular.
  • In the early days he recorded from a car and worked 30-35 hrs a week on the show scheduling , interviewing, editing, uploading and preparing notes and webpages.

Vision For The Next 500 Eps

  • Some episodes will be the same format as previously, but some will be more location focussed. Other episodses will be hosted by Shroom or Greg Reid to keep things fresh and lively.
  • Aim is to consolidate and integrate the existing library of resources (text/audio) to help more Aussie anglersimprove their lure fishing.
  • Aim is also to support the sportfishing industry and provide research tools for fishers and connections for guided/chartered fishing operators.

Top ALF Episodes As Voted By ALF Listeners

5. Scotto James: East Coast Tasmania Micro Estuary Bream (Episode 315)
4. David Hodge “The Barefoot Fisherman”: (Episode 332)
Jim Potts: Brisbane Deep Water Slow Pitch (Episode 445)
2. John Costello: Gold Coast Mangrove Jack (Episode 138)
1. Jason Wilhelm: Lake Monduran Barramundi (Episode 375)

Honorable mentions: Rex Hunt (Episode 250), Greg Reid (Episode 305), Rusty Townsend (Episode 183), John Costello (Episode 261), Peter Pakula (Episode 471)

Most Downloaded ALF Episodes

5. Dan Guilfoyle: Lake Macquarie Jewfish (Episode 304)
4. Mark Williams: Lake Macquarie Flathead: (Episode 151)
Stephen Booth: Murray River Yellowbelly (Episode 121)
2. Jason Wilhelm: Lake Monduran Barramundi (Episode 375)
1. Greg Vinall: Lure Fishing At Night (Episode 375)

Honorable mentions: Cam Cronin (Episode 322), John Costello (Episode 138), Mark Williams (Episode 209), Chris Cleaver (Episode 94), Greg Vinall (Episode 328)

5 Things Greg Has Observed About His Guests

  • Slow pitch jigging can be donw shore-based and horizontally, as described by Gabriel Kim in Episode 374. Mark Bantich takes it to an extreme in his interview about long-rod shore fishing (Episode 415)
  • A thirst for knowledge, willingness to do heavy research and acute awareness of environmental indicators are personality traits that set the top few percent of anglers apart from the masses.
  • Many fish species are vastly different in terms of their behaviours, feeding habits and response to their environment between locations. At its most extreme this results in the same species being taken by very different techniques at different locations.
  • The fishos who are at the top of their game are almost never lone wolves. They are usually part of a tight network of elite anglers who share information and work together – but don’t always share info publicly.
  • A very common trait among top anglers is a particular mindset and an awareness that their mindset and confidence have a large bearing on their results.

Competition Winners:

The $250 Tackle Spree At Anglers Warehouse was won by Kev. 

Ash Cooper, Andrew Richmond, Henry Yui and Scott Baker.


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