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Rex Hunt

Televison Fishing Personality

Rex probably needs less of an introduction than most of my ALF guests – for a generation of Aussie anglers the “Bearded Burbler” was a household name and a familiar face. Rex spent 17 years on Australian television, the majority hosting “Rex Hunt’s Fishing Adventures”, a dozen or so years on international fishing TV and countless hours of radio time. With a penchant for kissing fish prior to their release, signature catch-phrases and an unstoppable passion for improving recreational fishing and fisheries, few Aussie anglers have done more to raise the profile and standing of sport fishing in Australia.

Interview Highlights

4.55 Rex’s favourite fishing species.

King George whiting and trout, particularly brown trout.

8.06 Rex’s Favourite Fishing Location.

Port Heard, Bathurst Island (NT) targeting threadfin salmon on the flats.

12.28 Rex’s bucket list species.

Bonefish. Rex reckons Brett Wolfe’s Ningaloo Fly Fishing is an awesome opportunity for Aussie anglers to target this species whilst keeping their money in Australia.

17.07 Rex’s favourite piece of fishing tech.

His bait pump, which he keeps lubricated and regularly replaces the rubbers. Also an aquarium net to sample freshwater bugs and understand what trout eat. He also recommends the Black Spur Inn for a quality hamburger on the way home from fishing the Goulburn.

22.37 Who Rex would love to spend a day fishing with?

His dear friend Peter Nixon, Fraser era deputy Prime Minister, gentleman and a man from the land.

25.21 Importantance of fishing for maintaining good physical and mental health?

Rex talks about his health struggles, why it’s important to talk to people and the role that fishing plays in keeping him in good health and good spirits.

31.47 How Fishing Has Changed In Rex’s Time.

Fishing has become more immediate and more complex. Rex believes that fishing is about more than just catching fish, it’s about learning and experiencing. He still loves the simple forms of fishing that involve collecting bait and fishing it on a handline.

36.35 Rex Hunt Vic Fish Kids.

Rex lobbied Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to ultimately put a fishing rod into the hands of 10,000 Victorian kids who might otherwise never have fished. Rex firmly believes that kids who fish tend to live a cleaner lifestyle.

39.16 Kissing fish and Rex’s role in promoting catch and release

Rex realised that fishing had a poor image and was the pastime of grumpy old men, so he added colour to make it exciting and started working to change the public image of fishing.

47.35 Rex’s favourite quote.

Theodore Roosevelt. “Far better it is to dare mighty and impossible things even chequered by failure than to take rank with those poor souls that nether enjoy nor suffer much. They know not victory or defeat. Have a go and damn the consequences.”

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Win A Blade ‘N’ Tails Rod And Virtous Reel Spin Combo Autographed By Rex Thanks To Wilson Fishing

To Enter:  “Rex Hunt’s Fishing Adventures” ran on the Seven Network for 14 seasons between 1991-2004, with most episodes still available online today. In the comments section at the bottom of this page, tell us about your favourite moment or quote from the show, including the season and episode number 😉 I’ll pick my favourite entry as the winner!

Closing Date: Friday 7 August @ 5pm AEST. Winner will be contacted via email and announced on the Doc Lures Facebook page.


  1. Dan kendall

    I think my one favourite bits was a quote that’s not so popular but will still use today it’s
    The breaking strain is when the angler runs out of patience
    Not sure if he used it often but I know he used it off the Gold Coast S5E24 .

    • JSaddi

      ” The Bush and the Hunt across the Nullarbor we come, to tame the wild west folks”.

      It was epic fishing on a rock ledge catching big tailors at Dirk Hartog Island. Season 04 Episode 14

      • Rob Dickson

        With the announcement of your 250th guest regardless of a prize on offer to comment, it made me recall my own childhood memories from eagerly awaiting on the weekend for the latest Rex Hunt fishing adventure. When Rex was fishing Northern Australia it was always that much more exciting to explore new country and exotic locations. A quick search on YouTube to watch reruns brings back the simple pleasure one has in life by casting a life in the anticipation of once in a lifetime fish. His shows were simple with fishing being the focus and not the advertising machines that we see today. Whether it was whiting in Victoria or the mighty barra of the NT, the man was simply happy and always ready with a one liner of typical Aussie colloquialism. Many of Rex Hunt’s jokes would go unnoticed by other from a foreign country.

        In particular my personal favourite episode is fishing at Croker Island with the legendary guide, Lance Butler.

        The fishing simple and pure, with bait fishing for northern esturaine species being the focus. Lures on that day weren’t producing so grass roots fishing was the key to a successful day. The catch of a small Whaler Shark on a dead poddy mullet by Rex was an insight to whimsical man who took the time to explain the Whaler Shark and it’s importance in the food chain.

        Many other would simply dismiss the baby shark as a nuisance and feel they were betraying their audience. As you can clearly see by Rex in the episode, whether it was a simple Mangrove Jack or a Shark, all species were appreciated and given the respect they deserve. Bushy his partner on that trip was different with his capture of cod fondly called the garbage guts of the creek.

      • Adam

        When I was a nipper I religiously recorded Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures every Saturday so I could watch them Over and over again again. Plenty of memorable quotes but the one that I still remember, because I used it when teaching my kids to fish on light gear, is ‘the breaking strain of the line is when the angler loses their patience‘. I admit I cannot remember the episode because I saw all of them so many times they have blended into one.

    • Andy H

      To be honest I couldn’t pick just one episode. From fishing with maggots for Trout in the Goulburn River to Snapper in Port Phillip bay. Rex brought a smile to your face each and every week. Rex’s passion for life, fishing and his addictive humour made it a must watch.

    • Michael Watson

      My Favourite would have to be the Fish foundation episode from 2001 with assistance from Scott Fletcher as a young lad. This was a pioneering episode teaching people about sustainability and the importance of fishing for the future including the young people in learning to fish and being involved.

      • Chris Dyer

        Lake Sorell Tasmania.. from memory catching brown trout on Tassie devils.
        As a kid growing up in Victoria Rex got me into fishing and this episode in particular got absolutely flogged on the old VHS tape.
        I would sit down every sunday and record every episode making sure to hit pause at the add breaks then remove the plastic tab as to not record over an episode.
        I have recently moved to the Sunshine Coast and am waiting on delivery of a boat in which I hope my kids will develop the love/obsession for fishing and the outdoors that Rex introduced me to all those years ago through his show.

        yibbida yibbida

  2. Johnathon Lawrence

    My favourite episode would definitely be the time he went to el questro station….. ive wanted to go to the Kimberleys since. Only time I remember him not kissing a fish as well when he caught a catfish haha “no kiss for you mate” great memories.

    • Johnathon Lawrence

      It was season 3 episode

      • Lee Major

        One of the moments that sticks in my mind was where he was heli-fishing for barra in the kimberley. He starts explaining that he is using a specialised short rod, but then later explains it actually got chopped off by the chopper blades when he got out of the chopper. I dont know why, but is a moment that has stuck in my mind. I think it was series 3 episode 1.

  3. Gary Dahler

    Not so much a favorite moment from the show. But what Rex and the show did for our Family. My father worked from sun up to sundown and we only got to spend limited time with him on the weekend as he had to catch up on work around the house. However when Rex Hunt was on everything had to stop and my brother and I got to spend that time with our father watching the show. Now I have children of my own we often sit down and watch reruns on YouTube or Fish Flicks and my kids love it.

  4. Peter Holodnyj

    I remember watching Rex Hunt with my dad when I was growing up back in the UK. When my wife and I decided to move to Western Australia 7 years ago I started having a look through some of the old episodes and the El Questro one (series 3 episode 1) always stands out as the location looks just like the Australia of my imagination. Rex said something like “I’m know I’m not going there, but if Heaven looks anything like this I hope I do” and it always stuck with me and makes me appreciate just how lucky my family and I are to live and go fishing in Australia.

    • Daniel Freeman

      Favourite quote was used in every episode and shows just how much Rex enjoyed what he did.
      “Folks, it doesn’t get any better than this”.
      Live life to its fullest and enjoy every moment.

  5. Chriso

    Wagons hoooooo!

  6. paul langley

    Bonito – recognised as the chicken of the sea, id rather eat an Emu….some peoples taste is in their you know where. S5e24

  7. Kane Oakley

    My favourite is ep 234, Arnie talking about Mangrove Jacks. “you have to sacrifice a few lures, it’s the nature of the beast.”
    Sums it up so well, and all round good bloke.

  8. David

    One of my favourites would have to be him trout fishing lake Jindabyne, episode 13 series 9. Favourite moment is the kiss of the fish and put back in the water.
    The reason I love this episode it’s a place my dad and I do a trip every year, hopefully get there this year if everything goes to plan and bring my daughter for her first time, who by the way loves to kiss the fish too thanks to Rex.

  9. Andrew Rutherford

    I think one of my favourite lines from Rex can be found in a few episodes, but For this purpose, I cite series 3 episode 3 for reference. Rex’s advice has always resonated; beginning with ‘remember kids…(insert some life experience wisdom here), but in terms of this episode, “Remember kids, get hooked on fishing not on drugs, it’s a lot more fun!”.
    Always ready to broadcast relevant benevolence, Rex struck a chord at the time, as the ever present drug problem was reaching a peak with the heroin epidemic of the late 1990’s.
    Rex has always had kids in mind when producing his show, and he demonstrated in this particular episode, how the healthy pursuit of fishing can act as a conduit between a connection to nature and positive, healthy relationships and behaviours.
    Today’s ALF episode highlighted Rex’s on going generosity as he authentically shared his own struggle with drug dependence in recent times. And staying true to his word, and echoing his words from 1997, he made it clear that fishing was the best therapy.
    Thank you Rex, and best wishes for the future!

    As a teacher, I’m planning to develop a fishing experiential learning program for year 7 students-hopefully kicking off in early 2021. I will be using today’s podcast as a resource when teaching the importance of habitat preservation-thanks again Rex for your accessible take on a pastime worth teaching properly.

  10. Andrew Rutherford

    I think one of my favourite lines from Rex can be found in a few episodes, but For this purpose, I cite series 3 episode 3 for reference. Rex’s advice has always resonated; beginning with ‘remember kids…(insert some life experience wisdom here), but in terms of this episode, “Remember kids, get hooked on fishing not on drugs, it’s a lot more fun!”.
    Always ready to broadcast relevant benevolence, Rex struck a chord at the time, as the ever present drug problem was reaching a peak with the heroin epidemic of the late 1990’s.
    Rex has always had kids in mind when producing his show, and he demonstrated in this particular episode, how the healthy pursuit of fishing can act as a conduit between a connection to nature and positive, healthy relationships and behaviours.
    Today’s ALF episode highlighted Rex’s on going generosity as he authentically shared his own struggle with drug dependence in recent times. And staying true to his word, and echoing his words from 1997, he made it clear that fishing was the best therapy.
    Thank you Rex, and best wishes for the future!

    As a teacher, I’m planning to develop a fishing experiential learning program for year 7 students-hopefully kicking off in early 2021. I will be using today’s podcast as a resource when teaching the importance of habitat preservation-thanks again Rex for your accessible take on a pastime worth teaching properly.
    Keep up the good work Doc!

  11. Rob H

    Congrats on episode 250! This takes me back to when I was a kid watching Rexy on TV with my dearly loved Rex Hunt combo from Kmart!

  12. Sunny Miezis

    Sorry Greg – no exact moment mate but just more of an appreciation post of the big fella and what he’s done for fishing. Not sure if he was the first to instill the catch n release movement and only take what you need for a feed, but it’s ingrained in many of us now and we have him to thank.

    My son (almost 3yrs old) has started kissing his fish and releasing them. Pretty incredible moments to witness that are hard to be topped. Thanks Rex and thank you too Greg for all the content and efforts.

  13. Callum

    S5 E21
    “Yeah sometimes the contortionist crabs can get ya”. My uncle and I always call them contortionist crabs when we have close calls haha.
    Never forgot this episode because rex and his mate go on about how the crabs “bite” you (they nip). It’s a running joke in the family not to let the crabs bite 😂

  14. Ricky McGuinness

    Hi Greg,

    I can’t recall any particular moment or episode as I was only a young fella at the time, however if there was any quote that I think Rex is remembered by it would be the famous “Yibbida Yibbida – that’s all folks.” I can’t imagine there would be many people in Australia that you could say that to and they wouldn’t know what or who you’re referring to.

    Rex definitely made his mark in the fishing industry, making exciting television that left you itching to go fishing. I still have my first fishing rod, I can’t remember the exact rod but it was a Shimano Rex Hunt yellow and silver rod paired with a yellow Alvey. This was the rod that started it all for me and is the only one that I haven’t thrown out because of it’s sentimental value.

    Thanks to Rex for his contribution to the fishing scene and for keeping me interested in fishing at a young age.


  15. Simon MacMillan

    I dont have a particular moment or quote apart from “yibita yibita”

    What I can say is Rex Hunt is the reason I got into fishing, when I was a young fella he was my idol, my first ever fishing rod was a Rex Hunt rod and tackle box combo, it was a light blue colour rod and light blue top on the tackle box with grey bottom and 1 tray in the top.
    My pop brought it for me, we spent countless hours fishing together off the jetty at little beach in port Stephens. where they had an onsite caravan.
    we used to catch bream that were too big to fit in a “coles” bag, using floating bait, and when the right time of year the “slimey’s” would come around fly point and we would cast metal slugs at them and catch heaps.

    When my Pop passed away my Nan gave me his fishing gear, and one of the rod’s is a Rex Hunt signature series Shimano 10″ rod, its green at the base of the rod then fades into black, it was paired with a daiwa silver reel and mono line, its amazing how far tackle has advanced in such a short time.

    I have become an avid fisherman from the time spent with my Pop and my idol Rex Hunt. I took a particular liking to fishing for Australian Bass, I have competed in many tournaments in the Hunter Valley area and currently make my own skirted lures for bass and other freshwater species, but the past couple of years i have been chasing the elusive (for me) marlin out of Port Stephens

  16. Dean cummings

    Loved the episode where Rex and bushy (the human broom) Site casted and
    Caught a massive barracuda off the beach i think it was Melville island from memory ,greatest show on tv Without a doubt when i was growing up

  17. Jai Hollenkamp

    My favourite part of this podcast was essentially his reply’s to your questions Greg. I have found in a lot of your interviews some anglers usually require some prompting for more detail or to expand on a subject but not for Rex.

    His passion was evident in his excitement in talking about any aspect of fishing whether it was King George Whiting in the bay, refuting the myth of mosquito larvae being eaten by a trout, speaking candidly about his battle with mental health and future plans to take a mate fishing.

    A polarising figure in the fishing industry, whether or not most people could pick him in a crowd is probably up for debate but most would know the name Rex Hunt, it’s association to fishing and in turn his legacy of release fishing.

  18. Evan Matthews

    I just love how in each episode Rex would always just have fun. Lots of one liners and great humour.

    One of my favourites is Series 3 Episode 3 which featured David Strassman and his puppet Chuck Wood.

    They were catching small bream in the Yarra River. (I love how Rex could make even simple fishing like that seem interesting and worthwhile. No-one would put “ordinary” fishing like that on their YouTube channel today!”)

    Rex was talking about the puppet Chuck Wood with David Strassman recalling when Chuck Wood spat on him during Rex’s footy show.

    “I call him chuck over the side of the boat. I have never been so humiliated in my life by a bloke like that. “ and David said “Rex he is just a dummy.”

    It doesn’t seem so funny written on a page. But the timing and the way it was said by Rex and a David made me laugh out loud. Just brilliant!

    Just thinking about that episode still makes me laugh.

  19. Simon Seppelt

    Well done Greg on an awesome choice of your guest to celebrate your 250th podcast. Rex Hunt my teenage fishing hero the doyen of Australian fishing personalities.
    My favourite Rex Hunt quote comes from Series 5 Episode 10 from Straun, Tasmania a most beautiful part of our country. My family and I had very memorable holiday there and marvelled at the pristine Wilderness particularly Maquarie Harbour and the Gordon/Franklin River Wilderness area. Thank you to all the protesters that hung out of trees for many months in the early 80’s to eventually stop the Dam being built, Rex however had some less than memorable fishing there in episode 10 series 5 and I quote

    ” A rock cod. A magnificent fish. About as popular with Snapper fisherman as bad breath in a kissing competition.
    I can tell you now.
    However for those of you who enjoy eating fish I can tell you now, I’ve got a lovely recipe.
    What you do is get a bowl of fresh warm water and bring it to the boil and just simmer it.What you do then is get a very, very clean house brick and throw the brick in and put the rock cod gently into the simmering water.
    When the rock cod dissolves you eat the brick.
    In other words folks they are not very nice.!!!
    I’m not going to kiss you mate”

    Splash !!!

    Yibbidy Yibbida and Thank your Mother for the Rabbits
    That’s all folks

  20. Chris ryan

    Every episode
    Yibida Yibida thats all folks

  21. Wade HARRIS

    Series 3 episode 1 Elquestro one of my bucket list places to visit the kimberlys stunning scenery and fishing even if I didn’t catch a fish just to see this magnificent area would be great

  22. Barry

    Hi Greg
    Firstly congratulations on 250 episodes, we’ll done. I’m new to podcasts but I think I’ve listened to nearly all of the ALF by now even having a go at making lures. Still never caught a fish on a lure or soft plastic but I’m still trying.

    Great 250th episode, terrific guest in Rex Hunt..icon, legend.

    I couldn’t pick just one episode of Rex Hunt’s because I was totally engaged every week.. the most memorable episodes for me were fishing for King George Whiting and his reference of them as the Chinese fish Whi Ting and very episode ending with Yibbada yibbida that’s all folks and thank your mother for the rabbits.
    Again thank you for all your podcasts and the info contained from all your terrific guests.

  23. Jake T

    I grew up with Rex on the tv, and actually met him without realising it in the store I used to work in.

    To referance any 1 episode is impossible, they all blend in for my and helped build my passion for the industry.

    The 2 things I have always remembered is “Thank ya mother for the rabbits” and “give me a kiss and let them go”

  24. Luke

    As I have only just discovered your awesome Podcast I have only listened to a few episodes. But so far your no.250th With Rex Hunt has been my favourite by a long shot.
    He not only outlined how the importance of education and looking after the environment, he reminds us what fishing is all about and what it means to people.

    I grew up and loved watching Rex Hunts fishing shows.
    He had so many quotes that had me in stitches but one that stuck with me at the end of the podcast was ” And if I offended you, that’s your problem”

  25. Anthony Bechara

    Hi Greg love the podcasts look forward each week to see what’s up next.

    As for Rex, like many others I grew up with him as my idol. From a non fishing based family, he inspired me to get out every chance I could and went a line, as well as instilling the fishing bug well and truly inside me forever.

    If I had to pick one of his many great phrases, it would have to be that “fishing is a great leveller…whether you’re a Supreme Court judge or your sleeping under a tree like me, together we’re fishing and are all the same”

    Could not agree with this more ! I don’t think there’s too many other past times that can claim this.

    • Anthony bechara

      Forgot this was from series 3 episode 3

  26. Kane Vitmar Oakley

    I really like Series 5, Ep 21, part 1. South West Rocks. Great part of the east coast, good fishing and crabbing. Rex says, “I’ll take you up the River and we will snare a few succulent mud crabs. also, “there is always the next one for the frying pan.”
    Classic Rex

  27. Glenn

    The best part of the podcast in my opinion was the comment about sharing fishing with the kids and grand kids 👍
    Thank your mother for the rabbits.

  28. Chris lennox

    I was born in 1985 so I grew up watching Rex as a kid and it’s amazing to see what he is still putting into the industry today! I think I’d have to go with the classic, “yibbida yibbida, that’s all folks!”

  29. Heath Williams

    I grew up watching Rex. Stee and The Human Broom and still do! Absolute Legends and still are!
    For me, there’s too many to mention but I still do like the Dirk Hartog Island special from season 6 was still one of the best, but still hard to pick. All those nice fish from high up on those rock cliffs was an excellent feat. Well done.

  30. William Ashley

    Hi Doc lures,
    Great podcast as usual!
    Rex hunt is an Australian fishing icon! Growing up in the 90s Rex Hunt was my favourite show and helped develop my love for fishing.
    Referring to himself as “The ol bearded burglar” haha and quotes like “Thank ya mother for the rabbits!” And “yibbida yibbida” are still in my vocabulary today!
    My favourite episode was when Rex visited El questro station (S3ep1). The shear beauty and remoteness of that place looked amazing. My dad travelled there a few years back after seeing it on the rex hunt show, it is definitely on my bucket list to visit one day!

    Ahhh yibbida yibbida that’s all folks

  31. Greg Russell

    Loved the fact Rex promoted catch & release in many of his programs which I believed change the culture to fishing being a sport!

  32. Allen Floyd

    I grew up watching Rex

    • Andrew Parker

      Heartfelt congratulations to you on you 250th podcast episode! I have been looking for ways to learn about lure fishing for long time and your podcast has the best learning tool for me! I am helping other people because of you! Rex Hunt was my favorite episode because he was the one who took me as a kid to catch and release!

  33. Nick Petrou

    My Favourite quote from Rex is thank you mother for the rabbits

  34. Erin King

    As a female, I liked Series 6, ep 3, Thailand. When Rex fished with Lisa, quoted “ turn the striped tuna Upside down to settle, and Lisa if you did that to me I wouldn’t be moving either. “ Great trip.

  35. Giusy Palmieri

    Hi Greg,

    I really enjoy your podcast and have learnt so much from your guests.
    I have only been seriously fishing for about 2 years and am really loving the challenge. I’m originally from Italy and fishing there was a thing only the men would do so I never even thought of trying it. Australia is such a great country with so many fishing options! I hadn’t seen Rex hunt fishing adventures before. The past week I have watched nearly all them on YouTube! I love it! My fav episode was when Rex went fishing with a lady off eco beach Broome. Series6 episode 21.
    The water looked so clear and the fishing was amazing ! I dream of days/places like this. Rex has some funny words and sayings that I don’t really understand! Haha
    I like how he is so caring for the fish and releases then for the future generations to experience, this is so important!

    Thanks Giusy

  36. Brendan

    Catches a catfish and the guide said you can take a nice belly fillet off one of those,

    ‘If you and ever take a fillet off me you can feed the whole lot of ya’ Rex

    Whether you catch fish or not you always have to have time for a laugh. Rex hunt is an absolute icon and is the guy who Inspired me to pick up a rod as a kid.

  37. Ian Cossart

    Gosh, Just One moment from Rex Hunts thousands of moments. If I had to pick one, it would be one of his quotes that was absolutely relevant when he said it and perhaps is even more relevant in the world we live in today and in my humble opinion will always be relevant, “All I can say to the kids is if you’ve a problem in fishing or life, if you talk to an older person, you’re gonna end up alright, because nine times out of 10, they’ve been through the same thing”. Rex Hunt.

  38. Aston

    When i met Rex in Northern Territory

  39. Aston

    When i met Rex in Northern Territory barra fishing

  40. Ryan Marsh

    My favourite Rex Hunt moment was when Bushy feel out of the boat while brown trout fishing on lake Eucumbene. Funny as. Thanks for the podcast

  41. Tom Alston

    Gday Greg
    I Love your podcast!! Very interesting and informative.
    I spend many Sundays with my two kids Heidi 6 and Willow 4 watching Rex Hunt on YouTube.. the kids think he is great and so do I haha I grew up watching his shows and getting the fishing bug!! I owe a lot to Rex. It is amazing seeing my girls watch him and seeing how they also are falling in love with the sport!

    Keep up the good work

  42. Ed Parks

    I watched a loy of Rex’s shows as a kid. I think the one thing that stood out all the time and still dose was his saying, ” yibbida yibbida foks”
    It was good hearing him after all this time.

  43. Greg Whitley

    In the early 2000’s I was living in Cairns and regularly fishing Trinity inlet. Rex had done a show in Cairns at the time catching many of my favourite species, Barramundi especially were quite difficult to catch given the inlet was commercially netted in those days. The tips I picked from that episode were invaluable and helped me catch many more Barra in the inlet then I would have previously thought possible!

    Of more significance was Rex’s unwaivering advocacy for catch and release, he was a pioneer and leader for sustainable recreational fishing!

  44. Faizal

    Love it when he says “thank your mother for the rabbits” You can’t beat colloquial expressions!

  45. George Armagos

    I grew up as a child fishing for bream and mullet on the Yarra River and wouldn’t miss a single episode. I can still remember series 3 episode 3 when rex fished at the exact spot I used to on the Yarra with ventriloquist David strassman and chuck wood . Was such a funny episodes but at the same time wished I had gone fishing that day too and seen then live.

  46. Mark Richards

    England Special,,,,The trout has” a roof over the tool shed better than me” meanning his cranium…what a one liner

  47. Alf Tornatore

    There has been an episode of Rex Hunt’s TV show which I saw when I was a kid and has stuck with me ever since. Rex was standing on a beach in some remote part of northern Australia, fishing with Bushy. They were casting lures around the sand flats and and standing in the most pristine waters surrounded by postcard perfect scenery. I wanted to try that style of fishing from the moment I saw that episode and I’m sure it’s responsible for my love of fishing sand flats today.

  48. Marcus Scott

    Hey Greg,
    Got into your podcasts while travelling a lap of Australia with my wife and 2 kids between April last year and April this year. Spent most of the time hugging the coast, and was forced to finish up when National Parks closed, at that stage I was enjoying Anson Bay whiting north of St Helens. While driving long distances, I’d don the noise cancelling headphones, and Would search interviews with your guests for areas I was heading to in advance and hear local advise, was bloody awesome. Anyway, back home in Eltham, Vic, in lockdown, pondering what I’ll do when I grow up, waiting for the lawn to grow so I can again don the Bose, as I have today to learn about Lake Kununurra, wish I’d listened before I was there! Anyhow, fav Rexy show was episode 3 of season 3, Kimberley, the landscape, apparent remoteness and calibre of angling opportunities shown left me drooling. This and many of Rexies remoter location episodes inspired me to focus on getting to these and other exotic locations. I did get there last year but need to get back during a season where there had actually been a wet ! Slowly getting there, some of my highlights including Tonga, Cook Islands, Lord Howe, Montebello’s, Paranaranga (most northerly estuary in NZ, the Yarra, and Venezuela. Mate keep pumping them out, cheers indeed, Marcus

  49. Shane

    It has to be John’s comments from Season 7, episode 1, when Rex was chasing a Tinaroo Barra. “Like all females, they’re cantankerous”. I’m with you Rex, I don’t know what John means!