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Welcome to the ultimate guide for anglers looking to master the art of catching Jewfish on lures in the Hawkesbury River. This article draws extensively on insights from renowned fishing guide Dan Selby, who has shared his extensive knowledge on targeting these elusive fish. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced fisher, the tips and techniques discussed here will enhance your fishing adventures in the beautiful Hawkesbury system.

Understanding Jewfish in the Hawkesbury River

The Target Species

Jewfish, also known as Mulloway, are renowned for their challenging nature and the rewarding experience they offer anglers. These fish are particularly intriguing because of their size, fighting spirit, and the strategic approach required to catch them.

Why Lures?

Lure fishing for Jewfish has become increasingly popular. Lures allow for targeted, exciting, and sustainable fishing practices. According to Dan Selby, understanding how to effectively use lures can significantly increase your catch rates while minimizing ecological impact.



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Essential Gear and Setup

Choosing the Right Rod and Reel

For successful lure fishing in the Hawkesbury, Dan recommends a medium-light setup. A 7-foot rod paired with a 2500 series reel is ideal, offering a good balance of sensitivity and strength. This setup works well with 8-10 pound braid, suitable for the varied conditions of the river. Doc Recommends the Jabber’s Urban Beats Deft Flicker, or if bigger fish are likely, the Jabber’s Wanderlust, and as an ALF listener you can get a special deal on both of these rods.

Importance of Proper Line and Leader

Light line fishing is crucial for Jewfish. Lighter lines, such as 6-10 pound braid paired with a fluorocarbon leader, offer better lure presentation and reduce the risk of spooking the fish. The subtlety of fluorocarbon helps in clearer waters, making it less visible to the target.

Effective Lure Selection

Top Lure Choices

  1. Paddle Tail Soft Plastics: These lures are excellent for their vibrating action, which mimics live fish. Dan emphasizes the importance of matching the jig head weight to the current strength to maintain optimal lure action. The 130mm Pro Lures Fishtail is one of Dan’s #1 picks for Hawkesbury fishing.
  2. Stick Baits: Ideal for their erratic action, these lures are perfect when Jewfish are feeding aggressively. The natural darting motion can trigger strikes from wary fish.
  3. Vibes and Blade Lures: These are effective in deeper water or when fish are less active. Their vibration and flash can entice bites by appealing to the fish’s lateral line.

Techniques for Lure Fishing

  • Casting and Retrieval: Effective lure fishing involves more than just casting and waiting. Dan teaches anglers to use varied retrieval techniques such as twitching, jigging, or steady retrieval, depending on the behaviour observed in the fish.
  • Understanding Fish Behaviour: Learning when and why Jewfish are likely to feed is crucial. Factors such as tide, time of day, and weather conditions play significant roles. Dan points out that Jewfish often feed more actively during tide changes and just after dusk and dawn.

Location and Timing

Prime Fishing Spots

Dan’s experience highlights several key areas within the Hawkesbury River that are particularly fruitful:

  • River bends and drop-offs: These natural structures are hotspots for Jewfish, as they often hold baitfish.
  • Man-made structures like bridges and jetties: These provide shelter and feeding opportunities for Jewfish.

Be sure to check out out guide to Hawkesbury River Fishing Spots for more info.

Best Times to Fish

  • Tides: The start and end of tidal flows are typically the most productive times to target Jewfish.
  • Seasonal Considerations: While Jewfish can be caught year-round, the cooler months tend to produce better yields, as the fish are more actively feeding.


Fishing for Jewfish on lures in the Hawkesbury River can be a rewarding experience with the right techniques and knowledge. Dan Selby’s expertise provides a foundation for any angler looking to improve their skills in this challenging and exciting endeavor. Remember, the key to success lies in understanding the behavior of Jewfish and adapting your techniques to match the river’s conditions. With patience and practice, anglers can enjoy the thrill of landing one of these magnificent fish.

Dan Selby

Dan Selby

Fishing Guide

Dan has been a professional guiding clients on the Hawkesbury River and Sydney Harbour for nine years and has an extremely good knowledge of the many fish species available in these systems. Mulloway (jewfish), kingfish, flathead, bream and bass are his main targets, but plenty of other species come into these systems to play, too.

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Dan’s Business And Sponsors

Sydney Sportfishing Adventures is Dan’s guiding service that operates on Sydney Harbour and the Hawkesbury systems, targeting jewfish, kingfish, bream, flathead, estuary perch and more. Contact Dan on 0405 196 253

Prolure Australia, Shimano Australia and Lowrance support Dan and his guiding business.