Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall

Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall

Podcast Host, Lure Maker, Scientist, Educator

Greg has hosted the Australian Lure Fishing Podcast since the very first episode in January 2019, being the interviewer for every one of the first 500 episodes. When he’s not interviewing top notch lure fishers he’s making wooden lures, chasing northern estuary species or dropping slow pitch jigs on the reef.

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Introduction: My Take on the Flood Situation Widespread flooding in Australia due to intense rainfall and wind is causing concern about storage capacity. Catchments saturated from heavy rain are creating chaos, particularly in the transitioning weather of eastern Australia.

Fishing Insights: My Experience and Strategies Amidst the challenges, I see opportunities for fishing during floods, stressing the importance of adapting strategies. Floods play a crucial role in enhancing river ecology, benefiting fish stocks and overall river health. I encourage fellow anglers to comprehend how different fish species respond during floods and adjust tactics accordingly.

Post-Flood Dynamics: Observations and Adaptations Following a flood event, I’ve noticed water clarity improving, leading to aggressive fish feeding. As the water transitions from cloudy to crystal clear, fish behaviour changes, becoming more cautious. Productive fishing areas during and after floods include small creeks or feeders bringing clear water into a dirty river.

Estuary Complexities: Navigating Challenges Estuaries present complexities during floods due to saline water, tidal influences, and hydrodynamics. Rip-roaring floods can push salt out of river systems, gathering estuary species around rock walls and headlands. Estuary fish move with tides, responding to changing saltwater-freshwater dynamics during and after floods.

Inshore and Offshore Opportunities: Increased Activity Inshore and offshore zones experience heightened fish activity post-flood due to flushing flows bringing prawns and baitfish. Effective lure use in these conditions considers vibrations, size, and flash. Experimenting with lure retrieves, both slow and fast approaches, can yield success.

Understanding Flood Consequences: Balancing Act While floods enrich river ecology and benefit fish stocks, they pose risks to communities, necessitating safety measures. Acknowledging the dual nature of floods is crucial, and understanding fish behaviour aids in adapting strategies to varying flood dynamics.

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