Brisbane River Jewfish: A Comprehensive Guide with Peter Herbst

Understanding Brisbane River Jewfish

The Brisbane River offers a year-round jewfish fishing opportunity right at the doorstep for Brisbane residents. Despite being well-known, many locals are still unaware of this fantastic fishing spot, which remains accessible under almost any weather conditions, day and night.

Essential Gear for Jewfish

When targeting Jewfish in the Brisbane River, choosing the right rod is crucial. A versatile option is the Jabba’s Wanderlust fishing rod, which is suitable for both casting lures and jigging. Its design allows for easy transport and excellent performance, making it a must-have for any serious angler.

Peter shares that the key to successful Jewfish fishing is understanding their habits and the environment. Essential tools include a reliable sounder and an electric motor to precisely locate and target the fish. Peter’s boat setup includes a Simrad Evo 2 and an Elite Seven for optimal fish tracking.

Ideal Conditions for Catching Brisbane River Jewfish

Peter prefers fishing during a low tide around 8-9 AM, particularly on a neap tide, which affects the current patterns favourably for jewfish activity. He notes that mid-November, coinciding with jellyfish presence, marks a prime time for targeting these fish, but that jewfish are a year-round target in these waters.

Common Mistakes and Tips for Beginners

One common mistake among beginners targeting Brisbane River jewfish is adhering too strictly to preconceived notions of where fish should be, such as near pylons or deep holes. Often, fish can be found well away from such structures and Peter emphasizes the importance of using a sounder to locate fish and adapt strategies accordingly.

Lure Recommendations

Herbst suggests a methodical approach to lure selection:

  1. Slow Jigging: Starting with aggressive techniques like slow jigging can quickly gauge the fish’s responsiveness. Peter favours the Palms Slow Blat jig for its effectiveness in deeper, high-current areas.
  2. Soft Vibes: If slow jigs don’t work, soft vibes, such as the Zeric Fish Traps, are his next go-to due to their ability to cut through water and emit enticing vibrations.
  3. Soft Plastics: For a more subtle approach, soft plastics like the LiveTarget Fleeing Shrimp mimic natural prey effectively, ideal for trickier conditions.

Final Thoughts and Additional Tips

On tough days, when the Brisbane Rivers jewfish population seems inactive, Peter recommends slowing down the presentation, adjusting the lure’s weight, and possibly adding scents to enhance lure attractiveness.


Peter Herbst Profile: Brisbane river jewfishPeter Herbst

Fishing Journo and Tackle Guru

Peter has 30 years experience fishing Southeast Queensland and is a frequent contributor to fishing articles in Bush and Beach magazine. A former tournament angler, when he’s not on the water Peter now works for Australian tackle importer EJ Todd. He spends plenty of time chasing Brisbane River jewfish!

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