The Best Flathead Lures

  • As always when choosing lures, there are no “best flathead lures” that fit all species and conditions. But a small selection of flathead lures will cover most species under most scenarios.
  • There are multiple species of flathead found in various regions of Australia. The most commonly targeted species is the dusky flathead, which can be found along the eastern and southern coasts. Other species include the bartail flathead, blue-spotted flathead, and tiger flathead, each with its own preferred habitats and feeding habits.
  • The choice of lure and fishing technique can vary depending on the species of flathead being targeted and the depth of the water being fished. For example, shallow water flathead fishing may require different tactics compared to deepwater fishing. Understanding the behaviour and habitat preferences of the specific flathead species will help in selecting the right approach.
  • Soft plastic lures are popular and effective for flathead fishing. Paddle tails and jerk shads are two of the more useful styles of soft plastics used. Paddle tails have a lively tail action that mimics a swimming baitfish, while jerk shads have a more subtle and erratic action. These lures can be rigged on jigheads and worked along the bottom, imitating wounded or fleeing prey, or they can be worked with weedless worm hooks.
  • Another popular soft plastic lure option for flathead fishing is the soft plastic prawn. Prawns are a natural prey item for flathead, so soft plastic imitations are among the best flathead lures and also take a wide variety of bycatch.
  • Deep diving minnow style lures in the 3-4″ size range are very versatile and can be used through shallow areas as well as dropoffs and deeper holes.
  • It’s worth perfecting the use of this small selection of lures, rather than accumulate more and more lures of different types. Once mastered, this selection will cover most fishing scenarios.
Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall

Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall

Podcast Host, Lure Maker, Scientist, Educator

Greg has hosted the Australian Lure Fishing Podcast since the very first episode in January 2019, being the interviewer for every one of the first 500 episodes. In this episode he’s summarised the best flathead lures as listed by dozens of his ALF guests during numerous podcast interviews.

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