Mitch Chapman fishing bio

Mitch Chapman

Melbourne Fishing And Tackle Industry Personality

Mitch has been fishing East Gippsland since he was old enough to drive a car and has spent countless weekends exploring the area and perfecting his ability to take trophy fish from its waters. A tackle industry rep, he knows his way round the tackle pretty well, too. Since the summer 2019-20 bushfires ravaged East Gippsland, Mitch and others have been working hard to encourage tourists back to the area to help stimulate the economy.

Mitch’s Marlo Fishing Tips

  • East Gippsland was hit hard by the bushfires, but the roads are now open, the fishing is a good as ever and the local community is in need of an influx of anglers to revitalise the area.
  • The fishing options are many and varied. The main species on offer during autumn are quality flathead, large bream and oversized estuary perch. Less sought after and/or less common species include large tailor (4-5kg), plenty of trevally, good numbers of whiting and the occasional mulloway (jewfish). Prawns are also plentiful this season, so bring some prawning gear!
  • Flathead: In recent years the move to using larger lures for flathead has revealed that there are good numbers of large fish in the 90+ cm range to be taken (take heed of big and size limits though). During autumn the big girls are in the shallow water and can be taken on surface lures and swimbaits up to 180mm In length. Interestingly, even the smaller 60cm fish will happily take these large lures.
  • Bream: East Gippsland enjoys a mix of both black bream and yellowfin bream. During autumn they move onto the flats and can be targeted in quite shallow water using surface lures such as the OSP Bent Minnow or the Lucky Craft Pointer. Look for fish to cast to, or for the greyish coloured clouds where bream have disturbed the surface layer of sand whilst foraging. Plenty of 40cm plus fish are taken from these systems, so don’t be surprised if you hook a lunker.
  • Estuary Perch: East Gippsland has more than its fair share of quality perch and there are plenty in the 50cm size class for those who persevere. These are a school fish, so be prepared to move around until you find them, but expect to catch a cricket score once you’ve located them. Target the perch among the snags and be prepared to put lures in gnarly territory. Surface water fishing with Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada’s works well in low light periods and sometimes through the day if it’s cloudy.

Fishing Tackle

  • Mitch recommends the NFX range of graphite rods, which are light, economical and perfect for this style of fishing. Match this with a suitable spin reel in the 2500 size range loaded with 6 to 10lb braid.
  • A second, slightly longer rod is perfect for firing out longer casts, especially if the wind gets up. 

Local Businesses

Tackle Stores. Be sure to drop in to the following local tackle stores to stock up on lures and other tackle and to get the latest updates on where to fish, and how.

Accommodation and meals. The East Gippsland community is friendly and accommodating, so why not stay a night or two and enjoy a cold beer and a upbeat at the end of the day? If you’re going to be fishing till dusk, be sure To give them a call and they make sure food is put aside when the kitchen closes.


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