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Kelsi Gull

Central Victorian Fishing Personality

Kelsi is a fishing obsessed Wendouree resident who consistently targets trout on her local lake system, as well as a range of other species. She’s a regular fishing writer and influencer and a leader in the Women’s Recreational Fishing Network.

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Kelsi’s Tips For Wendouree Trout Fishing

  • Kelsi fishes Lake Wendouree frequently- usually a few days a week after work and on weekends. She particularly enjoys autumn and winter fishing for the aggressive demeanor of trout in those months and their response to top water lures and jerk baits. Kelsi sometimes uses broken lures that she finds while fishing, believing that they still work and may even be extra lucky.
  • Lake Wendouree contains both brown and rainbow trout, with the average size ranging from 30 cm to 60 cm. The rainbows seem to disappear at times, while the browns remain in certain areas, potentially due to feeding patterns or territorial behavior.
  • Trout fishing in Lake Wendouree is a challenging and ever-learning experience as you need to figure out their patterns and preferences over time. Kelsi advises embracing the weed in the lake and experimenting with different lures and techniques to adapt to the fish’s behavior.
  • The best piece of advice is persistence. Trout can be challenging to figure out, but staying persistent, learning from observation, and not getting discouraged will eventually lead to success.
  • Kelsi suggests that the concentrated fish populations in shallow areas are driven by feeding opportunities, particularly abundant smelt and Mayfly hatches.
  • Calm conditions are preferred at Lake Wendouree, specifically a north wind, overcast skies, and still waters. Kelsi often fishes from the North Bank, which is shallow and weedy but fishes consistently well.
  • There is a closed season for trout fishing along a 200-meter stretch near the inflow pipe area of Lake Wendouree to protect fish from being over harvested.
  • Kelsi recommends using a combination of small and larger lures to target fish. The larger lures are used to specifically to target bigger fish, even though they may not be actively feeding. Sometimes the fish push at the lures, trying to get them out of their area without actually feeding.

Kelsi’s Tackle For Lake Wendouree Trout

  • Light tackle is recommended as it assists with long casting, which is important considering the crystal-clear water and the fish’s sensitivity. Lighter gear allows for more bites, but it can be challenging when bigger fish bury themselves in weed.
  • Tackle could include a Blade N Tails 1-4kg rod with an ATC Virtous reel. Six-pound braid and a rod’s length of six-pound leader works effectively with light, twitchy lures.
  • Kelsi prefers longer rods, around seven feet to seven feet two inches, for casting distance and crisp action. A stiffer tip is preferred for stick bait and twitching style lures to maximize action.

Kelsi’s Preferred Lures For Trout Fishing

  • FishArt Wriggling Minnow is a small sinking stick bait that has a flutter action and is a great winter lure in Wendouree. It can be twitched to raise it above weeds and can be effective when shaken or ripped to remove weed and trigger strikes. Be sure to fan cast to cover water, be ready for bites when the lure is on the drop and make sure the action you impart is erratic.
  • The Z-Man Slim SwimZ, which is best used in feeding mode rather than spawning mode, works well with a 1/16th ounce jighead, rolling along the top of the weed beds. Slow rolling or working it dead slow can be effective, especially in the autumn months.
  • The OSP Bent Minnow can be used as a reaction bait when the other lures are not getting bites. Skating it across the top can entice strikes when other presentations fail.

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