About Outdoors Podcasts In Australia…….

  • 8.1 Million Aussies were podcast listeners in 2020 – that number is forecast to swell to 9.5 million in 2022.
  • The average podcast listener subscribes to 5.8 podcasts and 89% of listeners say that when they download a podcast episode they are likely to listen to most or all of the episode. An average podcast episode is 38 minutes in length, so producers of quality podcasts have an amazing opportunity to educate and influence.
  • Niche podcasts are among the most popular worldwide, but the outdoors podcast niche in Australia is very poorly serviced.
  • The Australian Lure Fishing podcast has continued to grow, to produce regular high quality content and to engage with a massive audience when other startup podcasts in the outdoors niche have struggled or failed.

About Creating Podcasts……

  • Barriers to entry into podcasting are low. Most people already have the equipment they need, they just don’t realise it.
  • With the right strategy it can be pretty easy to get some traction and start building a loyal audience that will support your brand or business and actually want you to keep sending them your content!
  • Anyone can do it. It doesn’t have to be expensive, technical or like a Hollywood production. No need for a studio, fancy equipment or powerful computers.
  • They’re easily scaled up as your audience grows and can be turned into a business in themselves, or be a high ROI marketing platform for an existing business that can make advertising look like an expensive waste of time.

About My Free Podcasting Webinar……

  • Yes, It’s free! And it’s live, with two dates to choose from.
  • It’s perfect for anyone building a brand or influence in the outdoors niche (not just fishing). Sponsored influencers, guides, small business owners, internet marketers, brand managers and so on will all fins this useful.
  • I’ll throw open the doors to the Australian Lure Fishing Podcast and show you exactly how I created it from scratch and built it up to what it is now. The strategy, the equipment, the mistakes and successes.
  • I’ll answer your questions on how to start your own podcast, based on my personal experience.

Want Personal Help To Start A Podcast?

  • I’m considering creating a detailed workshop and support platform for startup podcasts in the outdoors niche, so let me know if you’re interested in a series of workshops, personal mentoring and help with a tailored podcast plan.
  • If you’re a brand and are interested in a tailored “Done For You” podcast then I’m available for hire, but have limited capacity. Get in touch at greg@doclures.com and we can talk about what’s possible.

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