Liam Williams Bio

Liam Williams

NSW Mid-North Coast Fishing Personality

Liam was born and bred on the NSW Mid-North Coast and has fished there his entire life for a massive range of species. Snapper are among his favourites and he’s fished for them on soft plastic lures for over 14 years.

Liam’s Top Tips For South West Rocks Snapper

  • Snapper in spring and summer tend to sit on the leading edge of a reef where the current is hitting it head on. They’re unlikely to be on top of the reef and are more often found on the gravelly, weedy areas in front of the reef.
  • In the South West Rocks area the East Australia Current strikes the projecting land and eddies back to the north
  • Look for reefs that are around 10 -15 deep on top of the reef and drop off 5m or so as you come off the reef. Fish can also be found on the back end where the reef has dropped off, but the front end is usually where bigger fish reside.
  • Perfect Conditions consist of a 10-15 knot South Westerly breeze one week after the full moon, especially if you can be on your chosen reef as the sun first kisses the horizon or as it fades out at the end of the day. If you can get a tide change within a few hours of the dawn or dusk the bite period can be extended.

Liam’s Snapper Fishing Tackle

  • Liam uses a Penn 721 Regiment 4-8kg spin rod, 3000 size Penn Clash spin reel, 20lb Owner braided line and 20lb fluorocarbon leader will handle most snapper.

Liam’s Lures For Catching Snapper

  • The Berkley Gulp 9″ Jerk Shad is Liam’s #1 big snapper lure, particularly in Pilchard or Firetiger colours. He rigs this lure on a Berkley Stealth Jig head in 5/0 size and weights from 1/6 to 3/8 oz, depending on conditions and water depth. Liam likes to cast this lure long ahead of the drifting boat, let it sink to the bottom and then work it with relatively aggressive rod lifts, winding down as the lure sinks to stay in touch. Be prepared for the lure to be taken on the initial drop, or anytime it’s on the drop thereafter.
  • The Kachi Kachi Gamais an octo-style jig that can simply be dropped down beneath the drifting boat and given enough line that it will sit a metre or two above the bottom. The rod can then be placed in a rod holder while the angler fishes soft plastics ahead of the drift. As the boat approaches the reef, wind the lure up so it clears the bottom, then drop it down again on the other side of the reef. A good lure when the fish are down deeper.
  • The 4″ Berkley Gulp Shrimp is Liam’s “quiet day lure” and is fished on a slightly heavier jig head than the jerk shad. It’s fished inmuch the same way as the jerk shad though, just more gently and closer to the bottom. 

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