Anton Vogiatzis

Sonar Specialist And Game Fishing Enthusiast

Anton is a keen offshore fisher and ichthyologist who also knows a ton about sonar and how to use it. Anton moderates the Simrad & Lowrance Marine Electronics Users group on Facebook, where he and other group members help regular fishos understand how to properly use sonar technology.

About This Masterclass:

A very large part of successfully using sonar to find and catch your target species is choosing the right transducer for your particular needs. Regardless of which brand of sounder you’re using, there’s an increasing variety of transducers available these days. The transducer you choose for finding cod in inland waters may not be the best one for locating squid and snapper in the bay, which in turn may not be the best if you’re headed offshore to fish the bluewater for big pelagics or deep dropping.

One thing is for sure though, whatever questions you might have about choosing the right transducer for your needs – or even how best to install it – Anton will be able to steer you in the right direction. He’ll be covering everything from basic downscan to advanced structure scan and everything in between, so bring your questions and we’ll make sure you get answers!

What We’ll Be Covering:

This is a Live Masterclass so mostly Anton will be focused on the questions submitted by attendees and those posted in the live chat during the presentation. But of course he’ll also be able to answer more general non-sonar related questions too. So why not submit your question now – or register for a reminder so you don’t forget to come along and listen.