Michael Guest

Fishing Presenter And TV Host

Michael “Guesty” Guest is one of the most familiar faces of Australian fishing television, having hosted plenty of seasons of the Reel Action TV show. He’s also a fishing radio host, podcaster and stage presenter, not to mention a very accomplished angler! Guesty is as much at home on a trout stream as he is a barra lagoon or off the continental shelf tagging marlin. But if there was a single species that he’s perhaps best known for it would have to be the enigmatic mulloway – so it’s fitting that he’s chosen that species to kick off our Monday Night Sonar Masterclasses.

Masterclass Timestamps (click to jump the video)

‘5:25’ How to identify actively feeding mulloway on your sounder.

‘9:39’ How to distinguish mulloway from other species using your sounder.

’13:25’ When targeting mulloway in a deep hole, where’s the best place to drop your line?

’16:42’ What’s the best way to find jewfish marks offshore?

’20:17’ Do the same rules apply for mulloway in estuaries as offshore?

’21:59’ How do I use sidescan to find jewfish?

’22:29’ Guesty’s preferred scent for attracting mulloway to lures

’27:48’ What are the best moons for catching mulloway from the beach?

’31:49’ How can I detect baitfish schools when the boat is moving quickly?

’34:07’ How can I tell whether I’m fishing on sand, rock or mud from my sounder screen?

’35:49’ How long should I spend looking for fish vs actually fishing?

’38:18’ How to work lures for mulloway? Aggressive or more subtle?

’40:06’ Are mulloway found in Tuggerah lakes?

’41:26’ What are the best colour palettes for spotting mulloway?

’43:11’ Best lures for mulloway fishing?

’44:52’ Slow trolling for jewfish and lure colours to use.

’46:24’ Is it best to throw lures at inactive mulloway, or to go away and come back when they’re active?

’47:55’ Do mulloway actively feed at river mouths during a flood or is that a myth?

’49:49’ Do mulloway in deeper water hang near different bait species?

’51:21’ Best times for finding schooling black jewfish in central Queensland estuaries.

’53:11’ Is the Berkley Hollow Belly as effective when hopped along as it is when slow rolled?

’54:25’ What setting (contrast, sensitivity) for side scan sonar?

’57:00’ What’s the lightest setup you’d use for casting for mulloway?

’59:46’ If there is a lack of bait on the sounder in Lake Macquarie, what else should I look for to find mulloway?