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Romen Dicovski

Romen Dicovski

Freshwater Native Specialist And Lowrance Pro Angler

Romen is well known for having some of Australia’s native freshwater species dialled in, having produced a series of DVD’s aimed at helping Aussie anglers understand how to locate and target Murray Cod and yellowbelly, in particular. In our previous masterclass with Romen, we focussed on his techniques for vertical cod fishing. For this masterclass, on the brink of the 2020-21 Murray Cod season opening, we’ll focus on using sidescan sonar to find and target Murray cod.

About This Sonar Masterclass

This is a live presentation, and viewers are able to interact with Romen and Greg and ask their questions in real time. Whilst we’ll obviously be focussing on how to take full advantage of sonar to find and catch yellowbelly and cod, we’re not limited to talking only about sonar. Please feel free to ask any questions relevant to Murray cod and yellowbelly fishing!