Lee Rayner

Fishing TV Producer, Author, Bluewater Specialist

Lee is well known to Aussie anglers. On his television show “Lee Rayners Fishing Edge” he travels to some of Australia’s most remote and beautiful places to bring his viewers a down to earth fishing program that places an emphasis on helping anglers experience the best that fishing has to offer.

About This Masterclass:

Port Phillip and Westernport bays are both on Melbourne’s doorstep and both offer plenty of opportunity for catching quality snapper. The two fisheries are just a stones throw apart and yet they are very different fisheries and require very different approaches to not only fishing techniques, but also the use of sonar to locate fish and identify active schools.

In this masterclass session Lee will explain how he uses his Simrad electronics in each of these systems, what’s the same, what’s different and what you need to know to maximise your fishing success.

What We’ll Be Covering:

This is a Live Masterclass so mostly Lee will be focused on the questions submitted by attendees and those posted in the live chat during the presentation. But of course he’ll also be able to answer more general non-sonar related questions about snapper fishing too. So why not submit your question in the comments section below, or click on the image above to get a reminder when the masterclass goes live?