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In the elusive quest for the hard-pulling saddletail snapper, also known to many largemouth nannygai or scarlet sea perch, lucky anglers may find themselves in the pristine, yet challenging waters of the Sir Edward Pellew Islands.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with renowned angler Brad Inglis, who shared invaluable insights into mastering the art of jigging for these robust fish in this remote paradise.

Understanding Nannygai Habitat and Behavior

Nannygai (Lutjanus malabaricus), known for their vibrant red color and stout build, thrive in the structured underwater landscapes that dot the Sir Edward Pellew Islands. Brad explains that these fish prefer the cover of submerged reefs and rock ledges, where the water depths range from 15 to 20 meters. Such environments offer them protection and abundant feeding opportunities.

“Knowing where to drop your jig is half the battle,” Brad states. Using modern sonar technology can dramatically increase your success rates. Look for irregularities on the ocean floor—sudden dips, crevices, or isolated rock formations are prime nannygai territory. Sometimes some of the best structures are subtle, so keep a close eye on the sounder.

Gear For Jigging Nannygai

When it comes to gear, precision and reliability are key. For jigging nannygai, Brad recommends a medium-heavy jigging rod paired with a durable baitcasting reel. “You want something that can handle the sudden, powerful pulls nannygai are known for,” he advises.

Brad and his business partner are known for bringing quality Jabbers travel rods into Australia, and he favours the versatility of the Wanderlust baitcast rod. This 6’5″, PE2.5 rod can be coupled with a Shimano Tranx 300 reel and used to flick lures at barra on the way through the river system. Once outside it can be fitted with a removable jigging but that allows it to be used for jigging nannygai.

Brad uses a 40lb mainline with a leader ranging from 50-80lbs, keeping it as light as conditions allow. Heavy leaders can upset the action of the relatively small, light jigs often used in this style of fishing.

Brad favours the Jabbers Moxie Sparkle slow pitch jigs in sizes from 40-80 grams for this style of fishing. Currents are not usually too much of an issue around the Edward Pellew Islands, so he’ll use the lightest jig he can get away with. Smaller, lighter jigs tend t have a faster flutter that seems to be more effective on nannygai.

Five to nine inch Zman soft plastic jerkbaits are also effective for saddletail snapper, and are perfectly matched with the 42g Jabbers Mandrill jig heads

Jigging Techniques That Work

Brad emphasizes the importance of technique in jigging for nannygai. “It’s not just about dropping your jig down there; it’s about how you move it that really matters,” he explains. Over the years, Brad has favoured “pitching” lures with a turn of the reel in the traditional slow pitch style. More recently he’s been using the longfall technique, which involves long upwards strokes of the rod and allowing the lure to fall on a slack line.

“Keep your line tight enough to feel the jig, but loose enough to allow it to dance naturally in the water,” Brad adds. This delicate balance is crucial for enticing nannygai, who are often cautious and calculated in their approach.

Final Thoughts

Jigging for nannygai in the Sir Edward Pellew Islands is not just a fishing trip; it’s an adventure that tests the skill and perseverance of any angler. With Brad Inglis’s expert advice, you’re now better equipped to tackle these challenging waters and emerge victorious with a trophy nannygai.

“Remember, each trip is a learning experience,” Brad concludes. “Stay patient, respect the environment, and most importantly, enjoy the thrill of the hunt!”

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Brad Inglis

Top End Nannygai Jigging Enthusiast

Brad has been living and fishing in Australia’s top end for a couple of decades. More recently, he and business partner Nathan have become importers of the Jabbers range of fishing tackle, which includes quality travel rods and an awesome line of terminal tackle.

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