Liam’s Top Bass Fishing Tips

  • Australian bass are found in creeks, weirs, small lakes and a range of other skinny water habitats across Southeast Queensland, so never go past a creek assuming there’s nothing worth targeting there, especially if stocking groups are active in the area and/or the creek is below a dam or weir.
  • Creek bass are a viable option right through the year, with the exception of the annual closed season from June 1 to August 31 (be sure and check dates each year in case of changes). The spring months can be very productive as the waters start to warm, but many systems have a closed season for Mary River cod that overlaps the bass season, so there are some ethical considerations.
  • Creek bass in SEQ will often actively take lures right through the day, even off the surface. Liam believes that moons play a part in creating a hot bite but says it’s best to just go fishing whenever you can.

Liam’s Preferred Bass Fishing Tackle

  • For casting topwater, Liam likes a 7’ to 7’3” spin rod in the 2-4 kg or 3-5 kg, 2500 sized reel loaded with 10-15 lb braid and a 14-16 lb leader, sometimes up to 20lb in gnarly water.
  • Liam also carries a chatterbait baitcasting outfit comprised of a Lew’s Speed Stick Light in 4-10 lb line class, Lew’s TPG 1H baitcast reel, 19 lb Resin Shell braid with 12-14 lb leader.
  • Finally, Liam carries a jig outfit comprised of a Lew’s Speed Stick Light 10-20 lb baitcast rod, Lews Mach Crush 2 reel with 20lb braid and a 15lb leader. This heavier gear is necessary to set hooks when using jigs with a heavy weed guard.

Liam’s Aussie Bass Fishing Lures

  • The Jackall Micro Pompadour is Liam’s first choice of topwater lure for skinny creek bass. He’ll splash this lure down at a likely ambush point in every new pool or body of water. Once the lure lands he’ll give it a few seconds, especially if the lure can drift close to structure. It’s then just slow rolled back to the rod tip, being sure to leave it in the water for a few seconds at the end of the retrieve or doing a few figure eights before lifting the lure from the water. Pausing the slow roll occasionally can also be effective.
  • A Nories Hulachat is by far Liam’s favourite chatterbait for skinny water creek bass, although he’ll sometimes also use the Imakatsu Alive Chatter. The Hula Chat comes through heavy structure with a downward tipped nose that causes the lure to kick up and over cover safely. Liam slow rolls this lure, with a quick turn of the handle each time it strikes structure, causing a deflection. Occasionally he’ll pause the retrieve to allow the lure to sink a little and drift under structure.
  • Pro’s Factory 3/8 oz Motion Jig is a hybrid jig head shape that bring the best of both football and flipping jigs, this gives the lure the ability to bounce through boulders and hard structure but also allows it to cut through when ripped in weed. Liam adds a Gulp Crabby trailer to the lure to add to the likelihood of the fish picking the jig up.

Liam Fitzpatrick Bio

Liam Fitzpatrick

Tournament Angler And Social Media Fishing Personality

Liam is a SE Queensland-based angler who’s spent a bit of time around the tournament scene targeting bream and bass, used to write the regular “Moreton Bay” report for “Queensland Fishing Monthly” – plus a number of feature articles as well as some articles for “Fish and Boat” magazine. Liam is a part-time fishing Youtuber, having produced 195 fishing videos on the platform.

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