Greg Vinall

Greg “Doc Lures” Vinall

ALF Podcast Host & Mad Scientist.

In a previous life Greg was an aquatic scientist and spent a lot of time analysing research data using spreadsheets. These days He’s less involved in the hard science, but still uses those skills to find the best fishing opportunities based on environmental factors. 

Reflecting Back On 300 ALF Episodes: The 25 Most Listened Interviews

  • Today marks the 300th episode of the Australian Lure Fishing Podcast, so I’m getting all nostalgic and looking back over the masses of great guests and absorbing conversations I’ve enjoyed over that time. Of course, it was far too hard for me to pick a few favourite episodes, so instead I thought I’d reveal the 25 most listened interviews of the ALF Podcast’s first 20 months.
  • To the numerous guests who have all played a role in making the podcast what it is today, I’d like to express a heartfelt thanks. I’ve been fortunate to not only have conversations with the country’s, but I’d have to say in 300 episodes I’ve seen nothing but professionalism from the anglers that make up the cream of our fishing crop.
  • To the tens of thousands of regular ALF listeners, thank you for your support over the first 300 Episodes. The number of emails and messages I receive is overwhelming, but I try to get back to everyone who contacts me, apologies if it’s not always as prompt as you all deserve!
  • Finally, to those who have supported the podcast by joining Team Doc Lures, thank you so much. You guys make the thousands of hours invested in the show worthwhile and as ALF moves into 2021 I look forward to spending more time with the Team Doc Lures community. I know the show can only benefit from your collective guidance. For those interested in becoming part of Team Doc Lures, you can find out more here.

What Is Your Favourite ALF Episode So Far, And Was It One Of The Most Listened?
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  1. Paul Richards

    Congratulations on 300 Greg… Great podcast, I have often thought which podcast was the most downloaded.

    On the count down I was thinking either Johnny Costello or Brad Smith would the #1. Personally, I was hoping for the Mangrove Jack episode from Brad Smith…pure knowledge and passion from a very interesting man.

    Thank you Greg, I listen to your podcast every night when I’m cooking, (with a glass of wine) listened to all of them and many a few times over…. you deserve my $10 a month mate…thank you

  2. Danggers

    Robbie Alexander. From robbie fishing.. would be cool to hear from … and Josh Duncan from Canberra team sniper on instagram

  3. Shane Whalen

    Hi Greg, I love listening to your chasing big flathead episodes with Crossy, John Costello, Starlo, Greeny, Reidy, Scott Amon & Karl Attenborough! Crossy would have to be my favourite episode throwing his big crossfire lures and John Costello is not far behind !

  4. Andrew Rutherford

    I’m not surprised by the Mark Williams episodes, I can account for at least 4 of those downloads!


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