Redcliff Fishing spots - anglers guide to the Scarborough peninsula

Nestled to the North of Brisbane in Queensland’s south-eastern corner, this idyllic location offers a perfect blend of stunning landscapes, pristine waters, and a diverse range of fish species. It’s an ideal destination for both seasoned anglers and novices, with easy land-based and kayak access, plus tons of options for the boaties. In this article, we’ll explore Redcliffe fishing spots, and share some practical tips for an unforgettable fishing experience on this picturesque peninsula.

Best Fishing Spots in Scarborough and the Redcliffe Peninsula.

Redcliffe Jetty: One of the best fishing spots in Redcliffe, the iconic jetty is the perfect place for a little lazy lure fishing – or perhaps even some squid jigging. Whether you’re after breamwhitingtailorflathead, or squid, this historic jetty can be a rewarding place to spend a few hours, particularly around dawn and dusk. Don’t forget to bring a few metal lures too, it’ not unusual for schools of mackerel to pass within casting distance.

Woody Point Jetty: This long and well-maintained jetty is a favourite among local lure fishers. You could easily tangle with the usual breamwhitingtailor and flathead, but snapper, mackerel, and trevally turn up at times, too. Not to mention squid during the winter months.

Scarborough Beach: This area offers land based lure fishers the chance to target flathead, bream, whiting and occasional snapper. For those with a boat or a kayak it’s the perfect place to target shallow water snapper on plastics or hard bodies. Work the rock wall at the northern end is an excellent place to target squid during the cooler months.

Scarborough Marina: The perfect land-based Redcliff fishing spot, flick lures along rock walls for bream and squid, the marina is also home to some quality mangrove jack and gets regular visits from trevally as well.

Newport Marina: A quick scan of Google Earth will identify plenty of access points. You’ll pick up mackerel around the entrance of the canals in summer and the odd monster mangrove jack around the bridge pylons and pontoons. For those with a boat or kayak there is a ton of structure here that holds decent bream and the odd mangrove jack.


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Best Fishing Seasons:

The beauty of fishing this area is the year-round fishing opportunities offered by numerous Redcliffe fishing spots. However, certain seasons bring about specific fish migrations and spawning periods, increasing your chances of catching particular species. For example:

a. Summer: During the warmer months, you’re likely to encounter species such as whiting, flathead, and bream in abundance. Mackerel and trevally also make an appearance and the mangrove jack can be on the chew around the marinas.

b. Autumn: As the temperatures start to cool, flicking a few lures might turn up tailor, snapper, and trevally, among others. Big jacks are often caught at this time, before the water gets too cool.

c. Winter: This is the time for snapper, squid, tailor and mulloway, providing ample excitement for anglers.

d. Spring: As the water warms the bream, flathead, jacks and whiting will start to liven up again.


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