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Crossy Fishing BioSimon Cross

Topwater Flathead Guru and Lure Maker

In recent years Crossy has become something of a legend as a pioneer of topwater flathead fishing and the creator of one of the best surface lures for lizard luring. Crossy’s understanding of flathead and how they hunt is second to none!

​1. Mallacoota Tournament

  • Participation and Community Spirit: Crossy’s involvement highlighted a sense of camaraderie among participants. The tournament was not just about competition but also about fostering community bonds.
  • Event Management: The tournament was commendably organized, ensuring fair play and creating an environment conducive to sharing techniques and strategies.
  • Team Performance: Despite facing challenges on day two, Crossy and his team showed resilience. Their strategic adaptations, such as focusing on areas with dominant female flatheads, helped them maintain a commendable second-place ranking.
  • Observations and Strategies: The team’s success was not just about fishing skill; it was also about keen observations. Understanding the hierarchy within flathead schools and recognizing specific behavioural patterns contributed significantly.
  • Use Of Wind: Utilizing wind for casting distance and adjusting strategies based on changing conditions were crucial aspects of their performance.
  • Working up to Structure: Any kind of structure that attracts and hold bait will attract flathead. It could be tiny patches of weed, changes in substrate colour or miniscule depth variations that hold fish, not just obvious structures like gutters or rock bars. Start by casting from a distance and work closer…. flathead often sit well away from the structure and just pick of stray baitfish rather than scatter the bait aggregations that are tight to structure.

2. Flathead Behaviour

  • Hierarchical Structure: Flathead seem to exhibit a clear hierarchical structure, influencing their feeding patterns and interactions with other marine species. It is important to understand that when a large fish is seen or caught, other large fish will be close by. The size of fish will change as you move down a flat… if they’re getting smaller, you’re moving in the wrong direction.
  • Look For Flats With Life: Baitfish and other food items, jellyfish and stingrays are all signs that you’re fishing in the right place. Flathead will follow stingrays and feed on items dislodged as the rays pass over the bottom.
  • Environmental Indicators: Flathead offer subtle cues about their location and behaviour. Crossy’s insights into reading bottom contour differences, signs like stingrays, and temperature indications from jellyfish underscored the importance of environmental awareness.

3. Crossfire Lures

  • Lure Specifics: Crossfire lures, notably the 195 and 110 sizes, were central to the discussion. Their design, weight distribution, and versatility make them optimal for targeting flatheads.
  • Adjustments and Customization: Crossy highlighted the significance of fine-tuning lures. Adjusting hooks, weights, and rings based on the target fish and prevailing conditions can significantly enhance catch rates.
  • Color Preferences: The conversation delved into the importance of lure color selection. Specific shades like pearl white, firehead, and silver flash were discussed, emphasizing their effectiveness under varying conditions.
  • Equipment Compatibility: Crossy’s insights extended to pairing Crossfire lures with compatible equipment. Recommendations on rod lengths, reel sizes, and line strengths provided attendees with comprehensive guidance.

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