Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall

Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall

Podcast Host, Lure Maker, Scientist, Educator

Greg is host of the Australian Lure Fishing Podcast. He’s an Aquatic Scientist, Lure Maker, Speaker and Author in the recreational fishing space.


[skipto time=00:53]Light and Colour Underwater[/skipto] It’s important to understand the difference between what a fish’s eyes are capable of seeing and what their environment allows them to see!

[skipto time=02:54]The Intensity Of Colour Below The Water Surface[/skipto] Light doesn’t penetrate brilliantly well through water, so even in gin clear water the intensity of colour reduces the deeper below the surface you dive.

[skipto time=05:07]Environments Where Colours Are Brightest [/skipto] In clear waters the colour of lures will always be more intense than areas where there is algae, stirred up sediment or dissolved organic material.

[skipto time=07:23]How Wind And Time Of Day Affect Colour Brightness[/skipto] A lot of light is lost before it even penetrates into the water. A rippled surface, cloud cover or a sun low in the sky can seriously reduce the brightness of colours underwater. Twilight lasts much longer underwater, and can even be all day sometimes.

[skipto time=10:00]Why Not All Colours Are Equal[/skipto] Long wavelength light (eg red and orange wavelengths) don’t penetrate deep into the water, so they are often lost even in quite shallow water. Blues and purples can penetrate much deeper. Bottom line, the deeper the water, the more blue your lure will look, no matter what colour it was at the water surface.

[skipto time=14:50]The Significance Of Flash[/skipto] The sensitivity of fish to contrast means that bursts of light (flashes) from the side of a flat-sided, shiny lure can be extremely visible…. and attractive.

[skipto time=17:31]The Final Wash Up[/skipto] I summarise what we know about fish vision, light and colour – and why I focus on everything other than lure colour.

[skipto time=18:52]But What About Your Painting Book, Doc”[/skipto] I explain why I wrote the book when it comes to painting lures, even though a well painted lure is unimportant to fish.

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