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Kinchant Dam Barramundi With Luke Galea

Luke Galea

Mackay Fishing Personality

Luke is a Mackay based angler and regular writer for multiple fishing magazines including Fish and Boat, Freshwater Fishing and the now defunct Modern Fishing. He’s involved professionally with fisheries management and the promotion of fishing tourism through the “Hooked On Mackay” initiative, is on the Frogleys Offshore Pro Angler team and takes every opportunity to do some shore-based fishing around Mackay.

Lakefield Barramundi Mackay with Luke Galea    Land-based fishing around Mackay with Luke Galea - youtube

Lakefield National Park Fishing Tips


  • Check out Luke’s video on fishing Lakefield National Park here.
  • Lakefield National Park is located on Cape York, about 400 kilometers north of Cairns. The park is closed during the wet season and reopens in June (southern areas) or July (northern areas). During the wet season the entire area is a massive interconnected wetland system.
  • Land-based fishing gives anglers the advantage of access and stealth. Being prepared to walk a distance to get to more remote waterholes pays dividends.
  • Planning is essential, including using offline mapping systems like Gaia GPS to navigate the remote areas and knowing the park’s open dates.
  • Adequate water supply, snake gaiters, and sturdy footwear are crucial for treks in this region.
  • The waterholes in Lakefield vary, with high-banked areas, sandy banks, Melaleuca-lined pools, and Pandanus palm tree settings. Fish each waterhole thoroughly, but especially focus on prime habitat such as snags, undercuts, weed beds and so on.
  • The remote location is also home to crocodiles, wild pigs, and various wildlife, so anglers should remain vigilant.
  • Lakefield National Park camping is subject to permits that can be obtained from the Department of Environment and Science.
  • Anglers may need to carry multiple fishing rods and a variety of lures due to the diversity of fishing conditions and potential long distances travelled. Carrying spare braid is not a bad idea, also.
  • When fishing in remote locations, safety measures such as satellite communication devices like the Garmin inReach are recommended.
  • Fishing in Lakefield National Park after the wet season can be very effective as water levels are higher and fish are more active.

Luke’s Tackle For Fishing Lakefield National Park

  • Luke used two identical 16 to 20 pound Samurai Refraction Baitcaster rods. One was fitted with a Shimano Curado and the other with a Shimano Chronarch reel. This enabled him to have two lures rigged and quickly switch between. Using identical rods ensures that casting stays dialed in after switching over.
  • 20-pound braid and 60-pound fluorocarbon leader are the norm. The 60-pound leader provides abrasion resistance and minimum visibility in clear water.

Luke’s Top Lures For Lakefield Barramundi Fishing

  • Atomic Slim Twitcher Jerkbait (100 and 125mm): Standout lures were shallow divers with a 1.5-meter dive range, particularly effective during topwater bites in early mornings and late afternoons.
  • Bassday Sugarpen (120mm): A topwater lure with great performance, suitable for attracting barramundi. These can be zigzagged across the surface in a walk-the-dog style.
  • Atomic Log Glidebait (124 and 140mm): These glide baits were highly effective, with a unique action that garnered excellent results, including catching high 70s-sized barramundi. They are best fished with a “sweep and pause” style retrieve.

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