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Jordan has been fishing in central Queensland for many years and among the many target species in his location, loves his bass fishing in Lake Gregory. Whilst not a hardcore tournament fisho, Jordan has fished a few bass comps with reasonable success.

Jordan’s Top Bass Fishing Tips

  • Lake Gregory is a small, relatively storage and fish can be sensitive to noise. It’s best to kill the main motor 100-200m from your fishing destination and use the trolling motor to position yourself for a cast or two.
  • Suitable structure for bass fishing includes flats, timbered areas and wed beds, but it the latter that Jordan finds most productive. The lake fishes well all year round and fish can often be found schooling in deeper areas at any time of the year, although the bigger fish tend to school in the winter months.
  • Overcast, windy days tend to fish best and Jordan recommends focussing on the exposed areas where wind accumulates fallen insects and other food items.
  • Check on water levels during the winter months as the storage is managed for irrigation and it can be difficult to get a boat in or out at times.
  • Be prepared to experiment with different lures and techniques if the fishing is slow. Bass in Lake Gregory will take quite large lures at times, but equally will sometimes freely eat smaller plastics.

Jordan’s Bass Fishing Tackle

  • Jordan uses JML Perfection and Dragon Pro Guide rods, with 2-4kg (spin) and 3-5kg (baitcast) outfits being his preference. 9lb Yamatoya PE resin shell braid fills his spin reels and 12-14lb on the baitcast. Leaders are 6-10 and 8-12lb respectively.

Jordan’s Best Bass Fishing Lures

  • The 60mm Nories Zag Bug is a great option in Lake Gregory and is Jordan’s favourite lure for low light periods at either end of the day. If there is a bit of wind he recommends using the lure as a popper, imparting short, sharp “bloops” to create noise. On still days he fishes the lure “walk-the-dog” style and finds it deadly on surface feeding bass.
  • Bassman spinnerbaits are Jordan’s second lure option for Lake Gregory and are worked along the edges of weedbeds by simply slow rolling them. Use gold blades when the water is murky and silver blades when the water is clear. Jordan likes the Carl’s Compact spinnerbait but has been having good success with some custom twin-spin lures from Bassman.
  • Nories Wasabi Spoons are a good option in deeper water throughout the day. Look for schooling fish on the sounder. If they are holding close to bottom then cast long and allow the lure to sink right down, then work it back with occasional pauses to let it sink back down. If fish are higher in the water column Jordan will work the lures closer to the surface.

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  1. warren

    just fished the lake prior to this pod cast i will be heading back soon i hope with this helpful infomaton

    • DocLuresFishing

      Good luck Warren, hope the tips help connect you with some quality fish.


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