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Chris “Fezmond” Henry

Sponsored Angler & Social Media Personality

Chris is an accomplished sponsored angler who fishes the area from Brisbane to Mackay heavily and frequently posts his fishing exploits on social media. Well known for his GT fishing, Chris used to live in central Queensland and has the logal GT’s as wired as anyone can. Fez is associated with SCF Australia and the King of Kings citizen science fishing event.

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Chris’ Top Tips For Giant Trevally Fishing

  • Finding GT involves finding places where there are strong tidal flows with structure that causes bait to aggregate and with deep water not too far away. In some parts of the Keppels there is good GT fishing on smaller tides, but generally speaking the more flow the better.
  • Giant trevally can be caught at any time and on any tide, but if Chris had to pick his favourites, it would be the few days leading up to and just after the new moon or the few days leading up to the full moon. Moon rise and moon set seem to be important and there is always increased activity at dawn and dusk.
  • Chris likes glassed out, sunny days because it makes for spectacular surface strikes. Cloudy, overcast days are a lot more comfortable for the angler though.
  • In particular, look for rocks or bommies that stand out and cause current upwellings. Sometimes the GT’s will be right on these rocks, other times they will be 100m or more away. If you don’t see bait on the sounder or water surface, it’s still worth putting casts into likely areas.
  • Playing a hooked GT is about working the angles. Chris has found that contrary to popular belief, giant trevally don’t usually try to go into structure. But they are strong and if you have a bit of line out they can drag you left or right, cutting there line on whatever structure happens to be there. Try and follow them to minimise the line you have out.
  • Fish hooked in shallow water will usually head for the safety of deeper water. It’s best to back off the drag and follow them. Once in deeper water, try to get over the top of them, then crank the drag up and play them vertically.
  • Expect a very powerful fish that can potentially pull you over the side if you’re caught off balance. Work the boat and rod angles and keep a low centre of gravity so as to remain upright!

Chris’ Tackle Recommendations For GT’s

  • It’s possible to target GT’s on a PE5 or 6 outfit, which Chris does a lot and finds very enjoyable. For less experienced anglers a PE8-10 outfit is a better option, partly because it enables greater pressure on the fish, but also because it has greater durability and abrasion resistance.
  • 8ft rods are normal for giant trevally fishing, with a fast or very fast taper best for working poppers as it gives a crisp, loud pop with lots of surface splash. A slightly softer rod is better for stickbaiting as it allows the lure to be worked without pulling it through the surface. A quality 10000 size spin reel is ideal.
  • The thinnest, strongest braid you can afford is your best bet for mainline, with the leader being connected via PR or FG knot. Leaders for popping should be 120-200 lb hard mono, but for stickbaiting a 120-200lb fluorocarbon leader works best.
  • BKK hooks and super strong rings are must-have terminal tackle for GT’s. Chris prefers trebles as he finds not all lures swim properly with inline singles.

Chris’ Top Giant Trevally Lures

  • The Patriot MasterD Bomb 155mm is Chris’ most reliable GT popper. It can be worked in short, sharp chugs to really make lots of surface commotion. Sometimes Chris will let the lure sit for 10 seconds after landing before giving it 3 pops with a few seconds paused between, then work it back with the normal short jerks. GT’s are inquisitive and this approach can sometimes fire them up.
  • The Patriot Fat Pat is an excellent tail-down floating stickbait that is great for more subtle presentations. Taking up the slack line before making long horizontal sweeps of the rod causes this lure to instantly duck beneath the water surface and swim with a bubble trail. Deadly.
  • The FCL Labo CSP sinking stickbait is a deadly option if the fish are not feeding on the surface. It’s a very versatile lure that can be fish fast or slow, allowed to sink and twitched back past the fish.

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