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Anthony Cass

SE Queensland GT Tragic

Anthony Cass is a GT specialist based in SE Queensland and fishing regularly around areas to the north of Cape Moreton for some stonking GT’s. He’s caught one of the biggest topwater GT’s ever taken in Australia, a massive fish estimated to be well over 60kg. He’s also involved with the CAST crew and attributes his GT success to their influence and tackle.

Anthony’s Top Giant Trevally Fishing Tips

  • If a big GT is at home and active it will usually hit lure fairly promptly, so if there are promising signs but nothing happens in the first half dozen casts Anthony will move on and try another pieces of structure, coming back later to try again.
  • Don’t make the mistake of sitting right on top of the structure. Bait congregate on top of the structure, GT’s hang well away from it. Drifting past from a distance and putting in long casts is the best strategy.
  • To find giant trevally in the areas north of Cape Moreton look for areas where the bottom rises up at 90 degrees to the oceanic currents and baitfish are congregated. In SEQ those bottom rises aren’t necessarily steep changes, they can happen over quite long distances.
  • Oceanic currents can vary from day to day, so the angler needs to figure out what the currents are doing and then look for places where the bottom shape creates upwellings. Don’t be concerned if you can’t see a clear sign of a pressure point on the water surface, it doesn’t always leave a visible sign on the surface.
  • Anthony finds increased activity at moonrise, moon set, move overhead and moon underfoot.
  • GT’s can be caught on all moon phases and tides, so just get out there when you can, but if he has a choice Anthony likes the few couple of days after the new moon and the few days leading to the full moon.
  • Stealth is important, so get well away from your spot and kill the motor before drifting over the spot as you make casts.
  • Be ready when a GT Takes your lure and don’t underestimate the power of these fish. Crank the drag up to full lock and then back it off just a couple of clicks before you start casting. The fight is usually won or lost in the first 30-120 seconds, if you survive that initial attack and keep the pressure you’ll have a fighting chance.

Anthony’s SEQ Giant Trevally Fishing Tips

  • GT’s are tough on tackle, but fortunately you don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive tackle on the market. Just be sure to get decent, middle of the range gear.
  • For casting poppers you’ll want a stiffer rod in the 7’, PE8 line class as this will allow you to work the popper with large bloops. Couple this with a large spin reel with at least 20kg of drag. A Shimano Saragosa in the 18000-25000 size is up to the task without needing to mortgage the ranch loaded with PE8 braid connected to 150 to 200 lb leader with an FG knot will complete the outfit
  • For casting stickbaits a softer rod is better as it allows the lure to accelerate more slowly and creates a more effective action. Same line class and length, but lighter in the tip is what you’re after.

Anthony’s SEQ GT Lures

  • A CAST 150g popper is often the first lure that gets thrown and is the most used lure in Anthony’s collection. This popper can be used with confidence in deeper water and will raise GT’s from 40m.
  • The CAST Fat Boy stickbait has a strong, balanced body roll that creates massive action and vibration that mimics a wounded baitfish. After a drift with a popper doesn’t produce it can pay to switch to this lure and it will often interest a fish that saw the popper but didn’t take it. This is a great lure to use over shallower water (20m), especially where a bycatch of Spanish mackerel or wahoo is possible.
  • The CAST Sinking OG has a more subtle action than the Fat Boy and works well in tough, glassed out conditions or when the fish are shy. It doesn’t hurt to let it sink well down. Can also be worth a try on a choppy day when it can be hard to work a surface stickbait.

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Anthony attributes much of his GT fishing success to his association with the crew at CAST and also to the line of tackle they have developed for this style of fishing in Australia.


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