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Mark Gercovich

SW Vic Fishing Personality And Journalist

Mark is a well-known fishing journalist from the South West of Victoria with a reputation for knowing more than just a thing or two about targeting the local estuary bream, perch and mulloway populations, trout in the sweet water and kingfish and tuna offshore. A former tournament angler, Mark is a prolific writer who has penned numerous articles for Victoria Fishing Monthly, Fishing World, Freshwater Fishing Australia, Kaydo Fishing World, Hooked Up magazine and others.

Mark’s Estuary Perch Fishing Tips

  • Estuary perch fishing in the Hopkins River can be a year-round opportunity, though the fish move to different parts at different times.
  • Perch can be successfully targeted during both daylight and after dark sessions.
  • During the autumn months the perch tend to feed in shallower waters along weedbeds and in structure. Don’t discount the freshwater reaches as quality fish often reside in the less accessible waters upstream of Tooram Stones.
  • Stealth is important. Use your electric motor to position the boat or troll, saving the main motor for getting to and from the general vicinity.

Mark’s EP Fishing Tackle

  • Standard bream and/or trout tackle is fine for estuary perch fishing. A 2-3kg rod, 2000-3000 sized spin reel and 6-8lb braid with a 6-8lb leader is perfect. Go to a slightly heavier leader if you’re fishing among structure.

Estuary Perch Fishing Lures

  • The 7cm Rapala floating minnow is a great and very versatile option for estuary perch. This lure can be twitched on the surface when fish are feeding on top, cranked down a little deeper and twitched through structure or trolled behind a boat or kayak.
  • A 3” pink Ecogear grub rigged unweighted on a worm hook can also be twitched on the surface, worked through snags or sunk down a little deeper. Mark likes to rig these with the hooks exposed but others prefer to fish them seedless and cast tight into structure.
  • The Daiwa Double Clutch is one of Marks favourite lures for southern estuaries due to its close resemblance to the local galaxiid minnows that form a staple part of the diet of perch, bream, mulloway and trout in South West Victoria.

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