Jackson Haussler

NSW Cod Fishing Enthusiast

Jackson started fishing seriously for Murray Cod when he returned from a number of years working in Europe. He quickly developed a reputation for being skilled at finding and tempting big cod and has since amassed plenty of metre-plus captures.

Jackson’s Top Murray Cod Fishing Tips

  • Unlike most Murray Cod lure fishing addicts, Jackson prefers to fish sub-surface, finding the surprise, unseen hit of a cod exhilarating.
  • There are multiple public access points on the upper Gwydir River above Copeton Dam, drive in and start walking! Google Earth is a great tool for exploring the area and identifying the large, deep holes where big fish reside.
  • Although he targets the big holes, Jackson finds that most of his big cod come from the head and tail of the pool in water of 1-3m deep, or from weed beds in similar depths.
  • Stealth is important, approach the water quietly and avoid spooking fish. Even splashy lure landings can be enough to alert the fish and deter the bite.
  • March, April and May seem to be the months when more large cod are willing to take lures than other months of the year.
  • Keep a close eye on the weather – periods from 2-3 days before significant rainfall as well as during and 2-3 days after rainfall events often bring a hot bite.
  • Fishing around a full moon and timing to coincide with moon rise or moon set has accounted for around 75% of Jackson’s quality Murray cod, the other 25% coming from periods around a rainfall event.
  • A good strategy is to arrive a couple of hours before dawn and fish the pre-light periods, that’s when a lot of fish come up. As the sun rises they can often go down deeper.
  • Look for feeding fish, don’t waste lots of time making tons of casts at a single spot. Fish in tight to structure in the shallows and on weed beds are likely to be feeding and if they don’t take your lure in 4-5 casts they’re either aware of you or aren’t interested. Move on quickly to the next pool and start casting again.
  • It’s important to have sufficient tension on the drag to set the hooks, but not so much that the fish will smash the line off.

Jackson’s Gwydir Cod Fishing Tackle

  • A medium action 7’5” Murasame rod, Daiwa Ryoga 1520 reel, 40lb braid and 40lb leader is perfect for rivers, creeks and impoundments.

Jackson’s Murray Cod Fishing Lures

  • The Megabass Vatalion 190mm is a deadly lure that comes in floating and slow sinking models. They can also be fitted with chin weights when it’s necessary to fish deeper to cod. Jackson prefers the slow sinking model because it gets to the fish faster and can be worked a little quicker. It’s typically worked through shallow water on a slow roll with occasional pauses – important as a lot of fish hit the lure while it’s stationary. This lure is like the Jackall Giganterel, but is less familiar to the fish, which helps it to get more bites.
  • Megabass Big M 2.0 is a great lure when the cod are feeding near the surface. They’re long casting and can be allowed to sit on the water for a few seconds before slow rolling them back.
  • Megabass Magdraft 8” can be allowed to sink to whatever depth you need, slow rolled back with plenty of pauses, you’ll feel the lure working through the rod. Jackson upgrades the trebles on these lures but doesn’t bother with a stinger on the 8” lure, but would use a stinger on the 10” version.

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Murray cod fishing lures

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