Armando Mercurio

Goulburn Trout Fishing Enthusiast

Armando is a Melbourne-based angler who has made the drive to fish for Goulburn trout on a weekly basis for the past 15 years.

Armando’s Top Trout Fishing Tips

  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking that trout fishing is always about casting upstream. Sometimes it’s not possible to make an upstream presentation and Armando has found that casting downstream and working lures back against the current can still work.
  • Cool, overcast or even rainy days tend to fish best for trout, with the best months from March to June.
  • Both brown and rainbow trout are available in the Goulburn system. Rainbows have a preference for shallower, faster running water while browns like the slower moving, deeper water with snags. However, both species can be caught even when targeting the other species.
  • Start casting well before you reach the water’s edge. Often there are fish feeding on the edge that can be spooked by anglers who don’t start casting until they are at the edge.
  • Use Google Earth to identify access points to the river, but also to check on how easy (or otherwise) it will be to move around the banks once you’re there.
  • Fan casts out, covering all of the water in front of you before moving to the next location. Lures being retrieved with the current need to be cranked faster, with the retrieve slowing as the lure gets nearer and starts to work across and eventually against the current. Fish often take a lure as it swings to cross the current.
  • When working lures against the current, work them very slowly and use the water flow to create swimming action. This gives a more natural action and is less likely to spook fish.

Armando’s Trout Fishing Tackle

  • A shortish rod of around 6’ to 6’6” is best for casting in tight cover. Armando used a Nitro Vapour 1-2kg rod, 2000 size Daiwa Silver Creek LT S series, 4lb braid and 4-6lb fluorocarbon leader.

Armando’s Top Trout Fishing Lures

  • A size 2 or size 3 Blue Fox Vibrax spinner is perfect for shallow runs of 30-50cm depth. Start by casting upstream and then fanning casts up and across, across then downstream. This lure is best worked on a steady retrieve with no pauses, although the speed of retrieve needs to be varied depending on whether the lure is running with or against the current. Just fast enough to keep the blade spinning is a good rule of thumb.
  • Rapala F3 and F5 floating minnows are perfect for fishing both with and against the current in slightly deeper water than the Vibrax. The sinking CD Rapala in 3 and 5 cm is also a good option, especially in deeper water. The floating lures are fished on a steady retrieve, varying the speed to suit the current. The sinking lures are fished with plenty of rod twitches but not allowed to sink to the bottom where they quickly become snagged. Step up to 7 or 9cm versions if the fishing is tough and you need to get a reaction bite. Armando favours trout colour patterns.
  • Bullet Lures 3 and 5cm models are a great alternative if you need to switch it up and especially if a little extra casting distance is needed. Fish them in a similar way to the Rapala’s.

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  1. Joe

    Always wanted to do trout fishing, but have always found it a bit daunting. Armando really knows his stuff and made it sound easy. Thanks Greg for a very informative interview. Will definitely give it a go. Great to hear information about the Goulburn.

    • Armando

      Thanks Joe. I really hope the information given will help you and others out.

  2. Phil Anthony

    Hi Armando, Thanks for your tips. Well done.
    What type of blue fox spinner do you prefer?
    What type of Bullet lure do you prefer?
    Have you tried the 5cm model?
    Are waders standard gear to use?
    The Lake Eildon Level and Flow phone no is 5774 3928.

    • Armando

      Hi Phil. Waders should be in my mind standard equipment as it does help with crossing rivers and keeping clean in muddy areas. If you mean colour patterns in the blue fox spinners, I like gold and red, silver and black and black and red. I have used the 5cm bullet luers and have caught trout using them. I just prefer the Rapala in that size. More so due to personal preference.

      Hope I have answered your questions. If not happy to help further.

      • Phil Anthony

        Well done thanks Armando

  3. Armando

    Hi Phil. Waders are standard equipment for me. Helps with crossing rivers and keeping clean in muddy areas. Blue fox luera I use colours such as gold and red, silver and red or black and black and red. I have used the 5cm bullet luers and they have caught fish. I just prefer the Rapala in that size. Just a personal preference

    I hope I have answered your questions. If not happy to answer them again if I have missed anything.


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