Paul Burt

TV Fishing Personality

Paul is a long-time Gold Coast resident, fishing journalist and TV presenter of “Step Outside With Paul Burt” on 7 Mate. Paul travels around Australia and the world shooting fishing stories, often speaks from stage at boat shows and does live TV shows from Anaconda stores around the country.

Paul’s Top Tips For Gold Coast Tailor

  • Tailor are a year-round option from the rocks and headlands around between the Gold Coast Seaway in the north and Fingal in the south. They are more seasonal on the beaches, appearing during the cooler months.
  • Take great care when fishing the rocks and headlands. When the tide is high you’ll have 20-30 metres of rocks to get fish past when the tide is low you’ll have the same distance of treacherously slippery rocks to get negotiate. Watch the seas and learn to read the waves. Don’t take chances, too many people lose their lives fishing from the rocks. Don’t wear rubber soled shoes, they’re too slippery. Understand that the bulbous headlands of SEQ are less dangerous than the rock ledges of NSW as here are escape routes, but treat them with respect nonetheless.
  • Look for channels and holes between the rocks where there is reasonably cover from foamy water and a channel where you can swim fish past the shore wash to land them.
  • Avoid using swivels or bulky knots in front of your lures as tailor have very sharp teeth and will bite these while you are playing fish, resulting in lost lures.
  • Daytime fishing for tailor is best around first light or last light for 1-1.5kg fish, with the fishing tapering off once the sun is high. Better quality 3-5kg fish come from working poppers at night.
  • Paul likes a new moon, enough swell to create some wash and white water. He finds both northerly winds and the first few days after a full moon generally fish badly.

Paul’s Preferred Tailor Tackle

  • Paul likes the 10’6″ Catana rod but clips off the top section above the last runner, then glues a tip guide to the blank. This stiffens it up and allows the casting of heavier lures and the ability to muscle fish past the wash. He couples this with a with a 4000 size Shimano Sustain reel, 20lb braid and uses a 4ft nylon leader. 

Paul’s Tailor Lures

  • A 40g raider jig is a good choice. Paul likes blue, purple or green colours and replaces the stoc hooks with heavier guage owner treble hooks. 
  • Cup faced, “blooper” style poppers are a great option, especially at night. The larger Halco Roosta’s or Killalure Poppers are great in the deep gutters around the Burleigh Heads pool. This works best when there is a bit of moon and the lure is worked slowly with loud Bloops.

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