Lee Rayner

Fishing TV Producer, Author, Bluewater Specialist

Lee is well known to Aussie anglers. On his television show “Lee Rayners Fishing Edge” he travels to some of Australia’s most remote and beautiful places to bring his viewers a down to earth fishing program that places an emphasis on helping anglers experience the best that fishing has to offer.

Masterclass Timestamps

Tuna masterclass

8.36 [Screenshot] Redbait and tuna in cold water
10.52 [Question] How can I be certain I’m looking at bait balls?
12.06 [Question] Why does 200 KHz mark better than chirp when trolling?
14.32 [Question} Can you give a run through on your transducer?
19.09 [Question] Is there a course to learn to use your sounder?
17.45 [Screenshot] School tuna in warm water
19.27 [Question} How can I distinguish billfish from other species?
22.41 [Screenshot] Tuna on a bait school
23.44 [Question] Do tuna stay in one spot or do you need to chase them?
24.45 [Question] How do I set up my low chirp transducer for when boat is moving?
25.32 [Question] Does the screenshot show active bait?
26.51 [Screenshot] Baitfish under attack by tuna.
27.54 [Screenshot] Tuna on small patches of bait.
29.44 [Question] If tuna are down deep do you switch to diving lures?
31.59 [Question] How to adjust sounder for choppy water?
34.01 [Screenshot] Tuna marking off the bait.
35.37 [Question] Best scroll speed for tuna fishing?
36.33 [Question] How do bait schools appear on side imaging?

Swordfish Masterclass
38.24 [Screenshot] CMap Reveal
39.58 [Screenshot] High chirp vs low chirp
41.16 [Question] Do you use bird radar to find fish?
41.48 [Question] How deep would you night fish for broadbill and what location?
42.46 [Screenshot] Using colour and sensitivity to make feed layer and swordfish.
44.48 [Question] Trolling speed for swordfish?
45.42 [Screenshot] Swordfish on a thick feed layer.
48.05 [Question] How do you run your TVG for low chirp?
48.40 [Screenshot] Using zoom to better detect a feed layer.
49.45 [Question] Do you leave the brick attached or break it away?
51.32 [Question] J-hooks or circles for swordfish
54.01 [Screenshot] Feed layer off the bottom with fish beneath.
54.53 [Question] When chasing demersal fish are you using big baits for them?
56.05 [Question] Tuna bites on “dodge” tides?
56.39 [Screenshot] 150m thick feed layer with swordfish above.
58.29 [Question] Legalities of using electric reels in Victoria
59.15 [ Question] Frequency for swords? Use a wide beam?
1.00.08 [Question] Should I set the hook on a swordfish?