Lure Colour & Fish Vision

by Greg Vinall | ALF

Tweed River Mangrove Jack Map
Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall

Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall

Podcast Host, Lure Maker, Scientist, Educator

Greg is host of the Australian Lure Fishing Podcast. He’s an Aquatic Scientist, Lure Maker, Speaker and Author in the recreational fishing space.


[skipto time=02:00]The Lure Colour Fallacy[/skipto] Why a lot of people get hung up on unimportant stuff when they starting thinking about lure colours, and how we sometimes convince ourselves that the impossible is true!

[skipto time=07:19]What Do We Know About Fish Vision?[/skipto] Obviously, we can’t show a fish an eye chart, so how can we know for sure what they can see or can’t see? I spend some time exploring some things we know, and how we know them.

[skipto time=19:17]The Things Fish REALLY See….. [/skipto] The anatomical structure of a fish’s eye tells us a lot about what they can see and how they’ve evolved. I give a basic run down on what the science tells us.

[skipto time=23:05]Comparing Human And Fish Eyesight[/skipto] We explore why even the most visually gifted fish don’t have anywhere near the visual capability of humans. And why we can’t assume anything about what fish can see based on our own abilities……. yet most anglers do.

[skipto time=25:52]Another Limitation Of Fish Vision[/skipto] Unlike humans and primates, most fish can’t judge the size or distance of an object based on their vision but have to rely on other senses to get this situational awareness.

[skipto time=28:27]The Wrap Up[/skipto] Putting it all together…… just how important is (or isn’t) vision to fish and what does that mean for anglers?

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