Aaron Hill

Canberra Murray Cod Enthusiast And Team Goodang Member

Aaron has been fishing for Murray Cod his whole life, having grown up in Griffiths and fished the systems in that area as a kid. He moved to Canberra about 15 years ago to work and fish and has become well-known to the local Murray Cod population ever since. With Team Goodang he produces great “how to” cod fishing content to help others realise their own Murray cod dream


Aaron’s Tips For Canberra Murray Cod

  • In Aaron’s experience cod have exceptional knowledge of what’s in their sphere, and slowing down everything you do can give them more opportunity to get interested and ultimately take the lure.
  • Don’t fall for the common theory that some Canberra waterways only hold carp and redfin. They nearly all hold cod as well, if you take the time to look for them.
  • During the late summer and early autumn period it’s not a bad ploy to start your impoundment fishing on prominent points. In 2022 the cooler summer has resulted in less weed and the bait are in different places than previous years, so look for creek beds, weed channels and other structures that can hold cod.
  • Working a buzzbait over the top of weed can enable cod to be taken from places that others don’t fish because they feel the weed makes it impossible. At present the unseasonal rainfall has put 20cm of water over the weed, making it possible to work a small unweighted swimbait over the top.
  • Many of the dams around Canberra are electric motor only, so it pays to figure out how to fish close to the launch point as travelling is slow and wastes a lot of time. “If you can’t see the car, you’ve gone too far”.
  • Due to the cooler summer the bite window seems to be extended in 2022. The cooler weather means you can fish later into the morning with a good chance of catching cod….. though you might need to fish a bit further from the bank and switch from your surface lure to a sub-surface offering.
  • On still, sunny days when the sun is bright the bite window can be short, but on overcast, windy days the fishing can sometimes extend well into the morning. Conditions that are uncomfortable for the angler tend to be higher converting days for cod fishing.
  • If you’re having a quiet day it can be tempting to move quickly from snag to snag, but it can be more productive to keep working each spot over thoroughly and with small, slow movements of the lure.
  • Be sure to watch this video to enjoy the random surface cod attach Aaron talks about during this interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4rB3YlLZcI
  • It is surprising how close to the waters edge the cod will move, especially if there is a weedbed close by.
  • If the fishing is quiet, keep casting but have a serious think about how you’re presenting your lure. Find different ways to work or present the lure and keep changing things up, don’t just rush from snag to snag or quickly work through every lure in the box.
  • Aaron does lots of fishing from kayaks and finds that the best way to play and land a really big cod is to be constantly aware of places he can bring the kayak to shore and get out to land the fish. Keep the fish in the water right up until the moment you take a photograph.

Aaron’s Murray Cod Fishing Tackle

  • For most cod fishing Aaron loves his Jackall Revoltage 6’9” baitcast rod coupled with a 13 Reels Concept Z2 Slide reel, 40lb braid and 40lb fluorocarbon leader.
  • For casting larger lures such as swimbaits, a 7’2” 25lb baitcast rod coupled with a 13 Reels Concept A3 is perfect, once again coupled with a 40lb braid and 40lb fluorocarbon leader.

Aaron’s Top Lure Choice Lures For Murray Cod

  • A Shimano Triple Impact Wakebait (or a Jackall Pompadour) is a great surface lure that doesn’t get fouled up like many multi-jointed lures can, so every cast results in a retrieve that has a lure working properly and attracting, rather than spooking cod. This lure also has loud internal rattles and can be worked through fast water or stationary water. Surface lures are usually fished during low light periods, but Aaron has caught fish on surface lures right through the day at times, especially when it’s overcast. After casting it can be left stationary on the water surface for a few seconds after the cast and then work it back as slowly as possible, even leaving it on the spot and just jiggling the line.
  • The Jackall Ganterel can be worked through all levels of the water column, even fished without a chin weight, as is Aaron’s preference. He upgrades the hooks to BKK’s size chart to give the lure a little more weight and make them sink slightly faster (see size chart here). This lure is perfect for tossing into rapids and working back just a fraction faster than the water, letting the current do the work. In lakes, it should be worked as slowly as humanly possible! Remember, a sweep of a 7’ rod lifts a lure a long way from the bottom, so work with small, subtle movements.
  • The Jackall Transam is perfect when the cod are down deeper and is a super versatile. It can be burned/killed, hopped, trolled and fished in numerous other ways. Aaron sometimes snaps the tungsten out to make the lure a little lighter and stronger actioned. Even though soft vibes are snag prone, Aaron still fishes them tight to structure and risks the occasional lure loss, finding that a lure retriever recovers most hung up lures.

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