Hamish Simmo Simpson

Hamish “Simmo” Simpson

“Fishing The Wild” Personality

Simmo has been fishing the wilds of Australia’s most remote northern with his mate Morgs for more than 15 years. Together they’ve created the Yotube sensation “Fishing The Wild” which showcases the culture and spectacular fishing of most remote corners of the Northern Territory.

Simmo’s Top Bromby Coral Trout Tips

  • Coral trout fishing can be brutal. It’s important not to give the fish any latitude for the first few seconds of the fight and keep it moving away from structure. Once in open water the angler has the upper hand, but they continue to fight all the way to the boat.
  • It’s a mistake to use too large of a lure. Smaller lures are rarely rejected if they’re worked close enough to the troutslair, larger ones tend to get ignored.
  • Water movement is key. Look for areas where there is a reasonable current hitting some structure. Coral trout will usually hold close to the structure on the up-current side.
  • Simmo and Morgs usually position their boat so that the shore is within casting distance, then work lures past every ledge, shadow or rock. Fish are often in a metre or so of water.
  • Prime bite windows are early morning and late afternoon. Simmo hasn’t noticed any correlation with lunar cycles, though the really bug tides are hard to fish and are to be avoided. Smaller tides are good, as long as there is at least some current.
  • A steeply falling barometer usually creates a hot bite just before heavy rain sets in.
  • Getting to the Bromby Islands is a challenge. Getting to Nhulunbuy means towing a boat for 16hrs across 800 km of heavily rutted road, then motoring 50km north from the boat ramp at Gove Harbour. Be sure to get a permit from the Northern land Council before leaving home.
  • Trout are generally pretty receptive to a well presented lure, so if you don’t get a fish within a few casts, move on the next ledge, rock or bommie.
  • Trout can also be targeted at this location by walking the shore and casting at structure. Keep moving and cover as much water as possible. Watch out for crocs.

Simmo’s Bromby Trout Tackle

  • Tackle for coral trout can be basic but needs to be rugged. A medium spin rod, 4000 size reel and 50lb braid with a 60lb leader will do the job of casting the required lures and still handle the stresses of trout fishing.

Simmo’s Best Coral Trout Lures

  • The Halco Roosta Popper in 105mm size is a good option for Bromby Island coral trout fishing. Cast it close to structure and work it just quick enough that it has a head-up attitude to imitate a fleeing garfish, longtom etc.
  • Berkley Gulp 7” Shad is a great lure for coral trout, Simmoprefers the pearl colour. Weight these depending on the depth you’re fishing, sink them down as close to structure as you dare, then slow roll them back. This is also Simmo’s preferred lure for shore based trout casting.
  • The Halco Laser Pro 120mm is a great lure for when the fishing is a little quieter and you want to do some trolling to find trout. They cope well with a range of trolling speeds and have several different diving depths depending on water depth.

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