Paul Malov Fishing Bio

Paul Malov

Kayak Tournament Angler

Based in Melbourne, Paul is a well credentialed tournament bream angler with four Victorian Team of The Year and two Hobie worlds under his belt. Paul attributes some of his success to the way he uses sonar to locate and target the most active fish at his destination.

About This Masterclass:

Whether you’re fishing a tournament or simply enjoying some time on the water, putting a few quality bream in the boat requires a pretty good understanding of the habits of this species. They can be wily, for sure. When it comes to kayak fishing, especially in tournaments, time is of the essence. When they find themselves having a quiet day, Kayak anglers don’t have the luxury of being able to quickly travel to a distant part of the system in search of fish.

That’s where a quality sounder becomes crucial, especially when you’re fishing a new destination. Getting an understanding of underwater structure, seeing where fish are holding, locating bait, scanning entire river beds….. Then there’s the pro tricks, like watching the screen for signs that a school is about to switch on, or identifying areas where fish are likely to be active based on recent activity.

In this masterclass session Paul will explain how he uses sonar when fishing for bream during the winter months when fish are often holding deeper and are more selective about taking your offering. The flip side is that the quality of fish on offer is often extraordinary during this pre-spawn period, making the cool conditions worth persevering with and the sounder an even more critical piece of gear.

What We’ll Be Covering:

This is a Live Masterclass so mostly Paul will be focused on the questions submitted by attendees and those posted in the live chat during the presentation. But of course he’ll also be able to answer more general non-sonar related questions too. So why not submit your question now – or register for a reminder so you don’t forget to come along and listen.