Garry Fitz

Lure Expo Founder and Operator

Fitzy is the founder and long-time operator of the Australian Lure, Fly and Outdoors Expo. He’s been a passionate supporter and advocate of Australian lure makers for many years, as well as a former fishing guide and sweetwater fishing guru.

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Joey Urquhart

Professional Lure Maker & Expo Exhibitor

Joey has been making timber lures for Australian species for a number of years and transitioned his Jollip brand lures from hobby to professional status in around 2014. He’s been exhibiting at the Lure, Fly and Outdoors Expo since 2017 and in 2019 won the “Best Presented Stand” and “Best Topwater Lure Under $30” awards. This year his stand will boast a lure for every Aussie species you can think of!

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