About This Sonar Masterclass

[Note: Replay Video of masterclass that was live on 7 June 2021]

Kicking off the next round of sonar masterclasses thanks to Navico, and what better way to start than to have Romen Dicovski walk us through how the new Active Target technology has changed and improved is approach to vertical fishing Murray Cod and yellowbelly in the impoundments around Canberra?

For those who haven’t yet looked into Active Target, it’s the latest live sonar tech available for Lowrance sonar users and enables the angler to not only see where fish are sitting in the structure, but how they’re responding to lures. Mounting the transducer on a pole allows it to be used in various modes and angled any direction the angler is interested in exploring. Check out the awesome video and screen shots that Romen presents in this session.

If you’d like more info on fishing our freshwater impoundments using vertical fishing techniques, check out Romen’s podcast episodes!


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Googong Murray Cod With Romen Dicovski
Googong Dam Yellowbelly With Romen Dicovski
Googong Dam Redfin Romen Dicovski